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Mary TV Daily Reflection 5/14/2014

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May 14, 2014
St. Matthias, Apostle

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Open your hearts to the grace which God is giving you through me, as a flower that opens to the warm rays of the sun. Be prayer and love for all those who are far from God and His love. I am with you and I intercede for all of you before my Son Jesus, and I love you with immeasurable love. Thank you for having responded to my call." (April 25, 2014)

Our Lady calls us to: "Be prayer and love for all those who are far from God and His love." She has come to help this broken world turn back to God, to help the wounded and suffering souls of this world to turn their faces towards the shining face of the Loving God who created them and who wants to heal them. Spiritual blindness prevents many souls from seeing the Father as love, understanding the Son as love, and recognizing the Spirit as love. These souls cannot see love. But maybe they can feel love, if we pray for them and love them here on earth. Maybe we can be the warm sun that touches their frozen cold souls and helps them to welcome the love of God coming to them through us.

But to be prayer and love, we must also receive love from God. We too are wounded, suffering and weak. Prayer is the answer for us. We must pray.

In the Office of Readings for Tuesday, the Fourth Week of Easter, Saint Peter Chrysologus writes beautifully about how we can recognize the love of Jesus. If we are to be prayer and love, these words may help us:

I appeal to you by the mercy of God. This appeal is made by Paul, or rather, it is made by God through Paul, because of God's desire to be loved rather than feared, to be a father rather than a Lord. God appeals to us in his mercy to avoid having to punish us in his severity.

Listen to the Lord's appeal: In me, I want you to see your own body, your members, your heart, your bones, your blood. You may fear what is divine, but why not love what is human? You may run away from me as the lord, but why not run to me as your father? Perhaps you are filled with shame for causing my bitter passion. Do not be afraid. This cross inflicts a mortal injury, not on me, but on death. These nails no longer pain me, but only deepen your love for me. I do not cry out because of these wounds, but through tem I draw you into my heart. My body was stretched on the cross as a symbol, not of how much I suffered, but of my all-embracing love. I count it no loss to shed my blood: it is the price I have paid for your ransom. Come, then, return to me and learn to know me as your father, who repays good for evil, love for injury, and boundless charity for piercing wounds. (St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermo 108: PL 52, 499-500)

Can't we feel Jesus' love like rays of warm sunshine ever so gently caressing our upturned faces! Are we not healed, deep within our hearts, by these words of mercy and unquenchable love for us? As we let this love sink deeply into our minds, our hearts, our memories, we can begin to be prayer and love for others, because we will want to share this treasure with everyone.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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