Wednesday, July 30, 2014

From Mark Mallett: On Medjugorje

On Medjugorje

IN the over 900 writings on this website, I have mentioned Medjugorje relatively few times. I have not ignored it, as some wish me to, for the simple fact that I would be acting contrary to Sacred Scripture which commands us not to despise, but test prophecy. In that regard, after 33 years, Rome has intervened several times to prevent this alleged apparition site from being shut down, even going so far as to take authority for the authenticity of the apparitions away from the local bishop and into the hands of the Vatican and her commissions, and ultimately the Pope himself. Neither can one ignore, without a certain intellectual dishonesty, the numerous statements from not only cardinals and bishops, but from St. John Paul II himself that were positive, if not outright celebratory of this unofficial Marian shrine (seeMedjugorje: Just the Facts Ma’am. Pope Francis has yet to make a public pronouncement, but is known to have allowed the seers of Medjugorje to speak in his jurisdiction while he was a Cardinal.)
While I’ve shared my own experiences of Medjugorje in the past (see That Medjugorje) as well as a powerful encounter of Divine Mercy there (see Miracle of Mercy), today I am going to speak to those who want to see Medjugorje shut down and mothballed.
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