Wednesday, July 30, 2014

These Stone Walls: Goodbye, Good Priests?

the Fatherhood of Bishops With Disposable Priests s
“Father Jim” is a senior priest suspended under terms of the Dallas Charter, barred from ministry and from defending his good name due to a claim from 1972.
Editor’s Note: The following guest post by “Father Jim” was received as a comment on a recent post at These Stone Walls. Due to its length and subject matter, we are posting it as a guest post with Father Jim’s permission, but we have shielded his identity because his case is still pending at the Holy See.

This great post by "Father Jim" tells a story the entire church must hear. How did we even get to "Goodbye, good priests?" Please, help share this stunning post on "The Fatherhood of Bishops With Disposable Priests."

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