Wednesday, July 09, 2014

This is not freedom of religion, it's freedom of evil!

  July 09, 2014  
  Outrage Against Our Lord!
Another Black Mass Planned by Satanists!
Dear Friends,

Satanists plan a Black Mass on city property at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

The event has been reported all over the news, and it is listed on the website of the Civic Center.

Please, spread the word to all your friends so we can stop this sacrilege.

One news item refers to the Black Mass in these terms: “A Religious Black Mass will be conducted as a public event to help educate the public about Religious Satanism. Enjoy the delights of the Devil.”

Typically, in a Black Mass, a Consecrated Host is used to desecrate, mock and insult the Catholic Mass and the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ in a most vile, unspeakable manner.
A Black Mass is a direct sin of hatred against God. It also offends Christians and all God-loving Americans! Moreover:

1. No one can serve two masters: Allowing a Satanic Black Mass at a Government building is a sin that offends God deeply and begs the question: are we still one nation under God?

2. To invite Satan into your community, home or soul is NO joke. It’s a terrible sin that brings devils to the earth and provokes God to withdraw His graces and blessings.

3. To dismiss the Satanic Black Mass at the Civic Center as a simple publicity stunt is NOT to acknowledge the grave nature of this sin and its consequences. There is no such thing as a publicity stunt with Satan. Satan plays for keeps. No joke.
Thankfully, local God fearing citizens in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas have already mobilized in peaceful action and petition gathering against the Black Mass.
Archbishop Coakley of Oklahoma City has stated his “astonishment and disappointment” at the Black Mass and called for “community leaders to reconsider whether it is an appropriate use of public space.” He added: “If the event does move forward, we will have to consider other peaceful, prayerful and respectful options to demonstrate our opposition to this publicly supported sacrilegious act.”
Thank you for your prayerful and peaceful opposition to the Black Mass.
  Until next time, I remain

Sincerely yours,

John Horvat
Tradition Family Property

P.S. To share your personal thoughts with the competent authorities, please call:
(Be polite yet firm when you call.)

Mayor Mick Cornett: 405-297-2424
Governor Mary Fallin: 405-521-2342
Civic Center: 405-297-2584

Petition them to stop the Satanic Black Mass at the Civic Center for the good of the community. Because -- really -- who wants to live in a community where a public Black Mass has been celebrated? And who wants their children to grow up in a society where Satan is worshiped.
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