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5 of 96 Spiritual Gems-Contemplating the Special, Tender Love of our Mother

Contemplating the Special, Tender Love of our Mother

Mary loves you because Jesus loves you to the point of dying just for you,  as if you had been the only human alive.  She loves you because you have cost her indescribable sufferings in her role as an intimate cooperator in your salvation with Jesus.  Mary loves you because, in order to cooperate in bringing you forth to eternal life, she had to give her only Child up to such a humiliating death. She loves you because you are one with her Son, and because in loving you she loves Jesus.  Do we return such love by truly working tirelessly for Mary and her role at this time to help bring all to Jesus?  Do we at least pray the Rosary well each and every day?  Do we make the First Saturdays to console her?  Do we wear the Brown Scapular?  Do we offer our daily duty?  Do we renew our Consecration often?  Have we committed ourselves completely to the Flame of Love Grace by learning all we can about "the greatest grace" given since our Lord died and left the Church and the Sacraments?

Please consider coming to the First National Conference on the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the New Pentecost June 26 and 27 in Philadelphia

Based in a meditation by Father Emil Neubert

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