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Mater admirabilis - A Moment with Mary

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April 6 – Black Virgin of Mende (France, 1857) – Apparition to Father Jakob Rem (Ingolstadt, Germany, 1604) 

Mater admirabilis

In Germany in the 17th century, Father Jakob Rem, a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was favored with several apparitions of the Mother of God. One of particular note was the apparition of April 6, 1604, in the chapel of Ingolstadt.

Our Lady appeared to him in such splendor that the priest asked her what invocation would befit her best. Our Lady replied, "Mater admirabilis." Therefore, Father Jakob had his disciples repeat this invocation three times, and the Virgin of Ingolstadt, Our Lady of the Snows, was given the honorary title of "Maria ter admirabilis" (Mary thrice admirable).

In France, there is a very special reason to admire Our Lady, because of a king who had a greatly inspired intuition. His name was King Louis XIII and he expanded his kingdom in the most peaceful manner by consecrating the whole kingdom to Our Lady, Queen of France through a vow. He then instituted August 15th as a national feast day in her honor. The French Revolution made no changes to this, since the commitments of Heaven are without repentance.
English: Mater Admirabilis original fresco in Rome
English: Mater Admirabilis original fresco in Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A monk
Adapted from his homily for the Assumption, August 15, 2010
Ganagobie Abbey, France