Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baltazar Cardosa’s fight with a poisonous snake - A Moment with Mary

Une Minute avec Marie
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April 23 – Our Lady of Penha (Brazil)

Baltazar Cardosa’s fight with a poisonous snake

Devotion to Nossa Senhora da Penha (Our Lady of the Rock) originated in the 15th century, after a pilgrim monk discovered the image of the Virgin Mary on Mount Penha near Salamanca, Spain, on May 19, 1434. Later, sailors brought the devotion to Our Lady of Penha to Brazil.

Two hundred years later, in 1635, in Rio de Janeiro, Captain Baltazar Cardoso received a providential intervention of the Virgin on his property, the future site of the Marian shrine. One day, Baltazar Cardoso was threatened by a huge poisonous snake. He prayed for help to Our Lady of Penha to whom he was devoted, and she answered him.

In gratitude for the help he received, Baltazar built a small chapel, where he placed an image of Nossa Senhora da Penha. Since then the shrine has grown considerably. Today the Basilica of Nossa Senhora da Penha looks like a solemn throne erected for the Mother of God. It represents the heart of Marian devotion in this extraordinary city and is a landmark of Rio de Janeiro.