Sunday, April 12, 2015

“Come back to the holy Fold!” - A Moment with Mary

-- A Moment with Mary --
Une Minute avec Marie
An initiative of the Association Mary of Nazareth 

April 12 – Divine Mercy Sunday - Apparition of Our Lady of the Revelation to Brunoi Cornacchiola and his 3 children at Tre Fontane (Rome, Italy, 1947, apparition approved in 1956) 

“Come back to the holy Fold!”

Bruno Cornacchiola, a fundamentalist Protestant, once wanted to kill the Pope. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him in a cave near Tre Fontane, a district of Rome, Italy, on April 12, 1947. She told him: “You are persecuting me, stop it now! Return to the holy Fold! Have the people pray and recite the Rosary daily for the conversion of sinners, the unbelievers and for the unity of Christians... In this land of sin, I will do great miracles for their conversion.”

The same day, he engraved this inscription in the rock with his own hand: “In this cave the Divine Mother appeared to me. She lovingly invited me to return to the catholic, apostolic and Roman Church...”

A priest indicated by Our Lady led him to Pope Pius XII, on November 9, 1949. There, Bruno humbly admitted: “Holy Father, here is the Protestant Bible with which I ‘killed’ many souls.” Then, with tears in his eyes, he said: “Here is the dagger with the inscription "Death to the Pope.” I was planning to kill you with it! I have come to ask for your forgiveness.” Much later, in 1978, Bruno met John Paul II, who told him: “Since you saw the Mother of God, now you must become a saint!”