Saturday, April 11, 2015

Prayer rather than amputation - A Moment with Mary

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April 11 – Madonna col Bambino di Brindisi (Italy, 1598) – Fire in the Cathedral of Turin and miraculous rescue of the Holy Shroud (1997) 

Prayer rather than amputation

Delizia Cirolli, a young Sicilian of Paternò, Italy, age 11 in 1976, was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in the right knee. In March 1976, her life took a dramatic turn. She could hardly walk on account of her painful knee. The consulting specialist announced that it had to be amputated, otherwise the tumor could be fatal.

Her parents refused amputation, and all who knew little Delizia started praying for her recovery. They also collected money for her to go on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Lourdes, particularly venerated by the Sicilians.
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Lourdes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the summer, Delizia was taken to Lourdes by her mother. She came back exhausted, without any real change to her health. Then, shortly before Christmas 1976, as her condition worsened and her entourage felt that the end was near, she was healed, unexpectedly. She quickly regained her liveliness.

She grew up, married and became Mrs. Costa, and is now the mother of several children.

The miracle was officially recognized by the diocese of Catania, Sicily, in 1989.