Saturday, April 04, 2015

Spiritual Gems-You Are Called to the Battle and Glory Awaits-April 4, 2015

You Are Called to the Battle and Glory Awaits

As we begin to rejoice in our Salvation this Easter, let us realize the urgent need to join the Battle of our Mother, the Woman Clothed With the Sun!  This is how we can best respond to the Love of Jesus Christ, since He wants His Mother loved with the same love that He has for her!  Think about this....God wants us to have the same love for His Mother that He had and is willing to give such Grace now to those who desire it and work tirelessly for their Glory!  Does not perfection consist in disciples being like their Master?  Did not our Lord state that as He did, we must do?  Did not St. Paul exhort us to put on Christ and that He must live within us?  Commit this Easter to make (or renew) and live your Consecration to Jesus through Mary as the Gift you will give our dear Lord for what He suffered for your sins and your eternal salvation! Blessed and joyous Easter!

Based in a meditation by Father Emil Neubert, the author of "My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary", which may be the finest short book ever written on how to live one's Consecration day to day.  Please find a copy and make it your guide for the rest of your life; it is that extraordinary....truly anointed by God!  Remember to sign up at for more in depth posts sent out during the week.

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