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“Holy-Mary-paints-girl” - A Moment with Mary

* June 10 – Our Lady of Saint Luke (Italy, 1857)  * “Holy-Mary-paints-girl” ----- A Moment with Mary --

Une Minute avec Marie
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June 10 – Our Lady of Saint Luke (Italy, 1857) 


Christopher Columbus dedicated his voyage of discovery to Mary, changing the name of his flagship from Gallega to Santa Maria, and led the crews of all three vessels in hymns to Our Lady each evening. Upon discovering the island of San Salvador (named after the Savior), Columbus and his men went ashore and sang the Salve Regina in Our Lady’s honor; they taught the natives there the Ave Maria (“Hail Mary”) and other Catholic prayers.
English: My photograph of an image of the tilm...English: My photograph of an image of the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Columbus’ three ships were named the Santa Maria (“Holy Mary”), the Pinta (“Paint”), and Nina (“Girl”)–which, put together in a sentence, reads “Holy Mary paints girl.” This refers to the miraculous event which occurred 49 years later, when Mary “painted” an image of herself as a young Indian maiden on Saint Juan Diego’s tilma, or cloak—a scientifically-inexplicable image of Our Lady of Guadalupe which still exists in all its beauty today, and which prompted the conversion of nine million Mexican Indians to Catholicism in just one decade’s time.

Father Joseph Esper
Excerpt from the article History We Should Remember published in Catholic Journal US, March 6, 2015

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