Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sr. Emmanuel: "Medjugorje is not prohibited by the Church"

Medjugorje Is Not Prohibited By 
 The Church

Medjugorje, June 29, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters, peace!

As you can guess, we are receiving a lot of questions about the position of the Church regarding the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje.

Once more, we are facing a modern disease - to read, comment and become passionate about media statements when its first goal is not always to convey the truth. Many in the media are pushing their own position with a great deal of noise. Of course one may express a personal opinion on the subject, and slip in snippets of the truth. But whoever wishes to be informed about the truth of an important  matter can do it in a way that is secure and that heals the confusion, disorder, doubt, bitterness, rebellion, or even triumphant satisfaction which does not necessarily come from the Holy Spirit.

The way to do this is easy: just go to the source of the information! And the only source of information from the Holy See is the spokesman appointed for this purpose: Father Lombardi. Whoever is looking for a recent statement from him regarding the position of the Holy See on Medjugorje will not find one! Whoever is searching the Vatican website on the subject will find nothing, not a thing.

What does this mean? The media virus has struck once again, sowing turmoil in many hearts with all its contradictions. The truth is that neither the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the CDF), nor the Pope have issued an official statement about Medjugorje. They have not even held a meeting to address the subject together. In addition, no meeting has been scheduled during the summer. It is also very likely that the theme of the family - the great theme of the year - will take precedence over the Medjugorje issue.  So, let's be patient!

All those who have experienced many graces in Medjugorje and who have wholeheartedly followed the school of the Queen of Peace should be reassured, because today we can state the following: 

- Medjugorje is not forbidden by the Church. 

- The Pope has not yet taken a stand on Medjugorje. 

- Everyone can travel there in private pilgrimage without disobeying the Church. 

- The messages are not prohibited, everyone can disseminate them and especially live them. 

- The visionaries have not been declared to be false.

The Holy Father carries a great responsibility, because the final word will depend on him. We know that Cardinal Müller, prefect of the CDF, has sometimes expressed negative statements regarding Medjugorje. That is why, in this time of grace and struggle, we need to pray a lot to the Holy Spirit for the Holy Father, and also fast for him. May the will of God be fulfilled!

Whatever position Rome will express through official channels, we will obey it. Obedience will be the best sign that we are walking with the Queen of Peace, with the Church and not without the Church. Mary is relying on us to help her fully realize her plans. Because, let us not forget: "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

Sr. Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

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