Saturday, October 04, 2014

Father Steve's Apartment

We just got a call from an alcoholic treatment center that a priest we are sponsoring there needs to fly home and move his things out of his apartment.  Father Steve is now living five states away from his apartment because the temptation to abuse alcohol at his “old haunts” is too strong for him.  The center doesn’t want him going without us to escort him, and being there to help him arrange for his personal belongings to be brought back to the center in a trailer and put in storage.  We figure the cost will be about $2,000 after plane tickets, gas, lodging for two nights and vehicle rental.  We don’t have the funds readily available to help Father Steve, so if you can afford it, please consider making a donation now for the urgent care of Father Steve.

You can make an online donation for Father Steve at

Or, by mailing a check to: Opus Bono Sacerdotii, PO Box 663, Oxford, MI 48371

According to the center staff we need to do this ASAP, so your help now would be greatly appreciated.  Father Steve wishes to thank you in advance for your love and support of him in his time of desperate need.


Joe Maher

(313) 937-6305

Opus Bono is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations made in the USA are tax deductible.

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