Saturday, October 18, 2014

From Mark Mallett: The Synod and the Spirit

The Synod and the Spirit


AS I wrote in my daily Mass meditation today (see here), there is a certain panic in some quarters of the Church on the heels of the Synod’s somewhat abstract post discussion report (relatio post disceptationem). People are asking, “What are the bishops doing in Rome? What is the Pope doing?” But the real question is what is the Holy Spirit doing? For the Spirit is the one Jesus sent to “teach you all truth.” The Spirit is our advocate, our help, our consoler, our strength, our wisdom… but also the one who convicts, enlightens, and exposes our hearts so that we have the opportunity to always move deeper toward the truth that sets us free.
My spiritual director asked me to begin sharing thoughts on the Synod. And so, I want to reflect in a broader sense on what is happening, touching on various themes that I will address more specifically in the days ahead. There are so many nuances that it is impossible to speak of them in one place without writing a book. So I am going to do this in bits and bites, and more frequently, since I know you don’t have time to read long treatises. But I pray you take a few minutes each day to reflect with me now on what the Spirit is saying to the Church at this hour, asking the Lord to give us the wisdom we need to be faithful to His voice.
The perfect place to begin is in today’s Gospel…
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