Friday, October 24, 2014

From Opus Bono Sacerdotii: Lacization?

Work for the Good of the Priesthood
The term “laicization”, coined by a media bent on sensationalism instead of truth, has been so popularized that even some of our clergy use it to refer to dispensed priests who have lost the rights proper to the clerical state. In the documents for dispensation, there is always the reference to Canon Law, which states that a dispensed priest may not exercise any priestly ministry with the exception of granting Sacramental absolution in danger of death (Canons 976 and 986 paragraph 2). This Sacramental absolution can only be performed by a validly ordained priest, thus laicization of any priest, dispensed or not, is impossible!

The catechism states that ordination “confers an indelible spiritual character” which “cannot be “repeated or conferred temporarily” (CCC#1583). “The vocation and mission received on the day of his ordination mark him permanently” (CCC#1583). Ordination is done once and for all as are Baptism and Confirmation.

So why is it such a difficultly for lay people to give alms for the care of priests who are the most troubled, tempted, discouraged and suffering?

On behalf of the thousands of Catholic priests we care for at Opus Bono Sacerdotii, thank you.


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