Monday, May 11, 2015

The day fishermen caught a statue in their net - A Moment with Mary

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May 11 – Our Lady of Aparecida, patroness of Brazil  

The day fishermen caught a statue in their net 

The statue of Our Lady of Aparecida said to have appeared to 3 fishermen ‒ Domingos Garcia, Filipe Pedroso, and João Alves ‒ in October 1717 - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The national shrine of Our Lady in Aparecida, Sao Paulo (Brazil), is the country’s principle shrine, with 7 million pilgrims each year visiting from all over the world. The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is the second largest basilica in the world and Our Lady of Aparecida also is the patron saint of Brazil.

The story goes that in October of 1717, three fishermen, accustomed to cast their nets in the waters of the Paraiba River, hauled in a decapitated statue. The three cast their net again and they brought in a head that, at first glance, seemed to belong to the statue of a Black Madonna that turned out to be Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Tradition tells that once it was put back together, the Virgin aparecida ("who appeared" without explanation) became incredibly heavy, making it impossible to move.

Our Lady of Aparecida is the patron saint of future mothers and newborns, rivers and seas. Aparecida is, among other things, where a workers pilgrimage that takes place every year on the national holiday of Brazil—September 7th. Indeed, Our Lady of Aparecida is in the heart of every Brazilian.

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