Friday, May 22, 2015

Where Mary is, there is peace - A Moment with Mary

* May 22 – Our Lady of Graces (Brescia, Italy, 1526)  * Where Mary is, there is peace  ----- A Moment with Mary --

Une Minute avec Marie
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May 22 – Our Lady of Graces (Brescia, Italy, 1526) 

Where Mary is, there is peace

Lebanese Jocelyne Khoueiry is now 60. This resistance fighter has long laid down her arms. She spends her days in Jounieh, Lebanon, at the John Paul II Center, a social structure she founded to promote life, the family and society.

"I can sum up my life with these words: it has been a journey with the Virgin," she explained. It was in the "dark tunnel" of the war that this young girl who was only a nominal Christian discovered the presence of God. "My faith is the faith of Peter!" The Maronite saying slaps like a flag in the mouth of this passionate admirer of the Virgin. "We need Mary. This mother figure is very much alive. She must be present in the city, in the Church and in every home."

Asked to participate in the Synod on the Middle East in 2010, Jocelyne wondered what to say in her short 2-minute allotted time. "I proposed to entrust the Middle East to the heart of the Virgin Mary." This was accomplished two years later by Pope Benedict XVI. The Lebanese woman is clear: ‘‘When Mary is there, blessings return, peaceful solutions emerge, violence vanishes, and people recover their rights.’’

Excerpt from an article by Magali Michel in Famille Chr├ętienne magazine, issue #1938 dated March 7, 2015

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