Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The victory was Mary’s - A Moment with Mary

* May 12 – Our Lady of the Abandoned (Manila, Philippines)  * The victory was Mary’s  ----- A Moment with Mary --

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May 12 – Our Lady of the Abandoned (Manila, Philippines) 

The victory was Mary’s

“We rarely associate devotion to Mary with the social dimension of the Christian life, even though the words of Mary in the Magnificat mean a reversal of the social order for the kingdom of God. ... Devotion to Mary is seen in good works, and the good works we need today in the Philippines are works of justice and liberation from oppression.” (1)

The process that preceded the fall of the dictator Marcos (former President of the Philippines) was cadenced by the use of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary. When, in 1983, Benigno Aquino (the opposition leader) was murdered, he had just finished praying the Rosary. During the election campaign of his widow Corazon Aquino, many people would raise their Rosary as a sign of support.

During the decisive events of February 22-24, 1986, two million people gathered in Manila without any bloodshed. People came out on the streets with the statue of Mary—they sang and prayed the Rosary, giving flowers and food to the soldiers. The power of the people was the power of Mary, and the victory was hers. (2)

(1) Cf Bishops Conference of the Philippines: Excerpt from the pastoral letter of 1975, on the Virgin Mary
(2) Cf. Le Filippine e la rivoluzione del Rosario, in Madre di Dio, #2, February 1995


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