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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 67, November 18, 1993

Satan Wants To Trip You Up 

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 18, 1993 - 5:45a.m.

Jesus speaks: I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. You must pray to cast out Satan. Stay and let Me write to you. Satan wants to trip you up. You must pray and pray hard. Put yourself in My presence and let go. You are not a baby at all. You are uptight and mad, not as I want you to be. Let go of all your anger at everyone. What good does it do you to hold on to it? You cannot be of Me and be angry. You must make an effort to forgive all you are angry at. It doesn't do you any good to hold on to it.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, waiting on you and you are engulfed in a sea of darkness. This, child, is the test. As long as Satan can keep you in his snare, he has you where he wants you. I am waiting for you. You are keeping yourself caught in the trap he has woven for you. What a catch! You have the will to dismiss him and send him away or to stay fixed on him. You know that you are wearing yourself down. You are not doing what I want. Play with your children. They need your time. Others do not! Satan is causing division. Let go of your anger. It is Satan using others to trip you up.

After Mass:

R. In my desperation, I called out to You, Jesus, and You came and answered me. You set my feet on solid ground and I knew only You had the might to pull me from the depths of despair. Alleluia. Praise His Name for He is holy and to be honored. I clothed myself in a white robe and took off the cloak of despair and I knew the Spirit had filled me for my darkness had lifted. Only God has this might-to pull us from the pits and lift us on our way, to spread a mantle of light over us and heal our weary souls! Oh, Jesu, Jesu, You are all love. I am Your little one caught in this world. You came and rescued my tarnished little soul. You gave me milk and honey to eat and You patted me with Your gentle hand and I felt the love I longed for. Oh, Jesu, Jesu, fill us with this love. Replace our hate and anguish with a filler of divine love. Oh, love that melts all hardened hearts, that warms the cold child, that puts a smile on the stone-jawed man, You have this might. You furnish us on our way and we are made whole in Your love. Alleluia. Praise Him.

We are weak, but You are our strength. We are bowed down, but You raise us up to such heights of glory. Oh Ye, Oh Ye, Lord, God Almighty, come into our starved souls and feed us. Feed us with Your love. Let us radiate You from our very souls, Your presence within us. And You, Lord, are truly here in our hearts.

This letter gives testimony to the Spirit that filled my dark soul, that was taunted by Satan, that looks at the sick world and feels its pain. Look only to You, God. The victory is won. The fight is over! In You we find rest. We no longer look in the darkness. We focus on Your light and You energize us and give us Your peace, Your love, Your joy. You use our weak bodies for Your work and You love us just the same. In our weakness You love us as You do in our strength. Your unconditional love is always there. Alleluia, Alleluia.

Praise the Lord. Oh, Lord, what do words say that give You honor? There are none worthy of You. I can only speak in tongues to You. Oh, praise You, the song of the soul!

Praise You with this song of my soul, oh Lord. Your honor is blessed on all the earth. Alleluia. For in my desperation I cried out and You saved me from Satan. He is a liar. He is cunning and ready for attack, but You filled my hungry soul and sent him into the depths of hell. Alleluia. Praise the Lord-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Alleluia. You are our King. You reign forever. Your kingdom is not of this world, but of the world to come and we will be its heirs for our life spent in service of You. Alleluia, Alleluia.

And You filled our weary souls and we knew only the God of love and might could work such wonders in our hearts. Alleluia. You, in Your goodness, have come to my unworthy heart and filled me with Your bright light, Your fire and Your kindling love. Oh Jesus, praise You forever. Alleluia.

Jesus speaks: Cry out, My little one. You knew I was here. I never leave you. In your desperation you called out to Me, and I, by your side, comforted you. I am there in your sorrow and pain, in your trials. I am there always, not sometime. You go to man and call him on the phone. One time he acts one way, another time, another way. He wanes in and out in his behavior. You, little baby, come to Me. I am the tenderest of hearts. I wait with a bandage for you. I never change in My ways. I am loving you at this very moment as I did in your troubled soul last night. I am always by your side. The Same. You call Me and I love you, the same as to My death on the cross! I love you that way today, tomorrow and always!

Oh, little one, turn to Me in your need. I am here in your sorrow. You may not feel Me but I never go from your side. My light and My healing touch surrounds your troubled soul. I walk with you in your weariness. I do not demand a soul that is never troubled in this world. You are taunted by Satan constantly. It is in your trouble you are drawn closer to Me. What a blessing in disguise. Don't try to rid yourself of that cross. Embrace it and thank Me for the gift which draws you closest to Me. I love you in your anguish. Say thanks for all I send you, good and bad. It comes to you with My love and My love is indeed true. If you suffer, you are strengthened in your love for Me if you accept the suffering. Oh, sweet one, I loved you to My death on the cross. Do you think I would send you a snake? I send you only little petals of My love, little bits to draw you closer to Me. You come closer and we embrace and our love is enkindled.

Oh, sweet one, know all I give you is out of love. You are doing as I wish. Come to Me and let Me kiss your little wounded heart. You know I love your little heart so much. I want to comfort you and hold you in My arms. I love you so much. Trust Me and have faith in Me. Never doubt Me-ever! I am here. Love Me as I love you. We are a team. I am your divine lover. I am He Who creates you out of love. You are the heirs to My kingdom. Do you think I would ever not give the best for you?

R. Alleluia. Praise our Lord and our God, our Savior and our lover. Alleluia. Oh, Holy Spirit, thank You for the gifts of the soul, gifts of my heart, gifts given that no person could ever give. How would a person give you a gift of wisdom? All knowledge that we receive is from You. What knowledge is of any account except knowledge of You?

How do we learn of God? We learn from God. Man does not know. He only knows that which God imparts to him. Why the middleman-a book, a person? Go to God yourself, man. He awaits you and wants to share His gifts with you. Beg the Holy Spirit for the gifts. He is the Spirit of Love. It is from Him, God the Holy Spirit, I have written these letters. I know none of these truths except as He has chosen to reveal them to me.

Go to Him yourself. He loves you just as much. He wants to "gift" you and you go to man for your knowledge and wisdom and counsel. Oh, how silly are we. Go to man to ask about God, while God waits for us to come to Him! It is like going to a washing machine repair shop to fix a car.

Jesus speaks: Oh, how silly, indeed, children. Go to God to learn the truths about God. No other knowledge is of any account except as it is rooted in Him. Do not go to man when God waits. Let your hearts yearn for the time you spend in His presence and soak up all He has to give you. You, My child, are so blessed!