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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 74, November 24, 1993

His Kingdom Awaits

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 24, 1993

R. Jesus, Jesus, my beautiful Jesus! I come on bended knee in the night. Nothing is fitting such honor for this King. He has a kingdom to surpass all others and it is not of this world. Entry is not dependent on gold or silver, but on our deeds of love to Him, to each other. How does He love us? With the love of God. He loved us to the point of death and He loves us like that this day. We are unworthy of all His gifts for us but He stands and waits for us at His gates.

Jesus speaks: Come, all you beloved of the Father. I watch and wail and eagerly await your entry. This is your way home. Come to Me with your hearts pure and your souls holy for I ask you to love one another. Be kind to those who hate you. Open up your hearts and let Me dwell there so you will know Me now and forever.

R. Into Thy hands, oh Savior, I commend my spirit. The days are short, the nights are long and I am called to come and be with you. You wait with open arms and bid me to come home to the home of My Father for He is honored and worthy of all praise and we are His heirs, lowly though we be, heirs to a real kingdom. Because of our divine lineage, the angels will come at the appointed hour and carry our souls off to such a reward.

Oh Lord, such a small penitence for serving You! It was indeed the best way to go and then to be rewarded with such royalty. Praise You, my Savior, for I am lowly and You have exalted me. The angels have carried me to Thee and my sight will see You, the one, true God. Alleluia. Praise the Lord.

Jesus speaks: You come, you ask. I tell you what you need to know. Open your heart and wait for My response. My time is not your time. I have a plan. I will make all details available. Pray for this work. I want your trust in Me and in yourselves. There is much grace in trusting in My word. You must do what you think is right. I have written these letters out of love. I will give you more information. Wait and I will tell you what you ask. You must pray for your answer. I do not answer because you ask. I have spoken.

Come and behold Me, King of all. Honor, glory and praise! Know you are dealing with God, child. I tell you in My time and in My way. You must ready yourself for this undertaking. Tell all to pray and the answer will become obvious to them. Pray and seek and it will open unto you what you are to do. I want you to seek your answers and trust in My guidance. Oh, little one, I have made you be patient all along. Is it not for your own good?

I want you to pray this day. I will reveal to you all-what exactly you are to do. I am the Savior. Open up and pray for guidance on your answer. I have a plan and, if it seems easy, then it is the right way to go. Do all want this undertaking? It is with such love I give these letters to you. It is with love and I want them published. We have a focus on Him Who dearly loves us. Wait on Him and He will grant your heart's request. Wait and pray for His word. Alleluia.

The crooked ways are made straight. I want eagerness in this operation, eagerness to serve Me and My ways, to carry out My plan and feel absolutely sure you are doing this for the love of Jesus. This is an act of love. It is a labor to serve Me. Are you ready for such service? Is this your primary goal? Out of love of Jesus you come and you ask and I answer. Is your intent to serve Me with love? The same love I give to you? I want this a top priority. I want My letters to be treated with the love they were delivered in your heart. Then they are delivered to you to give to My world. All must be an act of love for Me. Such service, to come and serve Me this way!

R. It is an honor to do this work for Jesus, Lord.

Jesus speaks: On bended knee I ask you to pray from your hearts that you are worthy to do My work. I need you and I want you eager to serve Jesus, the Son of God. This is My top priority: that it is in your love of Me that you undertake My writing.

Oh, how I love you. Would you not do the same for Me? I loved you to My death. This is an honor, to work for Jesus and write His letters to be published. Do you do this work with all the honor I deserve? Do you do it from love of Me? Then I will be the one to make your work fly. I will light your paths and make your loads light. I will see to its execution Myself, if the love of God be in your hearts, if you realize it is I Who ask and you who have answered My plea out of love and service to Me. Consider it an honor to be asked to serve Me with My holy words!

I want you to realize this treasure you are working with. It is out of love of you, each one of you, I deliver My letters to you. You must, therefore, respond in love of Me that you do this work. I ask, "Will you help Me deliver My messages?" I will make your loads light and I will give you a heavenly reward. For it is I Who give you passage into My kingdom and I will reward each according to his deeds. To honor Me in this service with love pleases Me greatly and I will give unto you the keys to My kingdom. For many, many hearts will be turned around because of My words here.

Read My messages and know the true treasure you hold here. It is with eagerness I want you to do My work. It is with love and conviction. It is in knowledge of My words that you will do My work well. I love you all so much. Will you serve Me with your love?

R. Oh, Lord, Lord, I want to serve You. I want to do your work.

Jesus speaks: Then do My work. You don't do it in the end. I do it for you. I want this work accomplished, and soon. I will go before you. I will prepare the way. I will open the doors. I use you to do this for Me. Are you willing to serve Me in love and to know the treasure you hold. Read My messages so you will better serve Me. I call, you come. I do the work. You labor and toil, but I have a plan and a way to do it. I only need servants to work My plan. Will you serve Me with love and treasure My works? Do you know how much love you can give to Me and your brothers through this work? I will make your loads light. He that serves the Lord will inherit His kingdom. This reward cannot be bought. It is gained by the love in your hearts.

R. Alleluia.

Jesus speaks: It is your commitment to do this work for Me that makes you right or not right to do the work. I do the work in the end. I will work with you and all lights will be "go" from Him Who loves you and wants this plan carried out. These are My letters of love for all My beautiful people. Each letter was hand-delivered in the greatest love. You must respond in love and know what you are handling. Spend time with Me reading My messages so you know what is here and feel Me talking to each of you. Then you will know the intense love I have for each of you and you will do the best job from knowing Me and My love for you.

Thank you for responding to My call. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, and I am truly alive with love in each letter to your hearts. I await your response.