Monday, January 12, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 68, November 19, 1993

He Is A Personal God, A Real Person! 

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 19, 1993

Jesus speaks: I come with My grace to penetrate your soul. You open your heart and I enter in. My Blood washes you clean. I dwell in your heart. I am truly present there. Amen, Amen, I say to you, unless you eat this Body and drink this Blood, you shall not have life in you. You speak from Me. What flows from your mouth is the result of My presence within you. I am He Who writes these letters. You are only My servant. I use you. I give you honor because I come to you, but it is I Who do this writing. Your hand is My hand. I am using you in this work. I want all My letters published in a book-not a few. They were written as words for all to hear. With such material, many will turn their hearts to Me. I became real to you as you read My letters. I am a real person and I want to be known as I am, Son of God, loving and true. I want to be known on a personal basis to all My children. You are only being used. I am writing to My people. You cannot stop the hand of God. You are My candidates to execute this work. I want My letters out and soon. I do not want you to waste any more time. You both have nothing to do with this. You are My servants. This is My task. I want it accomplished. Many hearts will know Me in a new way from these letters.

I have spoken to Rita with all the love I have for each of My children. I am this personal with every soul. If they come to Me they will know this. They need to read and study these letters. Your job is to get them published. I want Rita to talk to her brothers. This will be accomplished in time. The proof of this is in the contents of these letters. No person could have the insight but Me alone. I am commanding you to do this work. Do not tarry.

Do not fear. I go before you and I make ready the path. You will not falter on your way. The road will open as it should. Any obstacles I will remove from your path. It will be transacted as I have planned and you will know this by the love with which it happens.

I am Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. I live in this world in the hearts of all. I want all to know how alive I truly am. I never go from My people's side. I am vigilant and always there. It is they who move from Me. I want them to be drawn closer to My Sacred Heart, closer and closer through the content of these letters. I am alive. I am here. I am your love. I want all to know this message of love. It is not up to you to question My ways. My ways I make known to you for I want to save every last soul. You will be a big part in helping Me do this with many souls. They are thirsty. They will drink. I love you both very much and appreciate your trust and faith in Me. My ways, I have made clear. Do not tarry. I work before you. I do the work. You will know it is Me because of its ease. If a door shuts, it is not the way I want to go. All doors are open doors in My plan. It is easy to follow.

I love you and I am truly Jesus, Son of the Living God. Your work I bless and I go with you on your way. I am as present here as I was on My death on the cross. You will not fear. You will be fearless and without worry. Be steadfast in delivering these messages to your brothers. It is their souls that are at stake. The world preaches so many awful messages. These are so powerful and will reach men's hearts. I am a personal God. I am a God of love. I am a person Who wants to love My people in a personal way. I will give them these messages through you.

R. He has a plan to do His work. You don't ask why. You just do as He wants. He acts through you to minister to whom He wants, maybe only one person. You don't ask if what you did was good or not because He is doing it.

I became selfless and I surrender. The more I spoon out of me, the more He possesses me and it is He Who acts in me. If I did it, it would surely flop. If He does it, it will never flop.

It is for His honor and glory that I act. It has nothing to do with self-promotion. To be persecuted or glorified focuses on self. We must become selfless. We must act and empty ourselves. Don't ever ask if it was good or bad. We didn't do it. We are His servants.

Jesus speaks: I am in you in this. I am working in you. I am giving you wisdom and insights to deliver My messages. I want you to speak. This has nothing to do with you. I use you. I have primed you to trust in Me and not ask any questions. It is for Jesus you act. This is your main concern: you must become selfless-totally. Drop your selves. Die to your self. Be of Me.

It is not you who act, but I Who act in you. Be selfless, child. You don't understand but when you question you are not selfless in your soul. I have planted these messages. It has nothing to do with you. I use your hand and write My words. You are a servant, My Servant. You are honored by Me that I use you, but I am He Who is acting!

Be selfless and unquestioning. Be as a baby at the breast. You wait and I do all things. Wait, baby. Wait on Me. I will use you. Be open, unattached and selfless. Be totally submissive. Do not fret or fume or worry. Let go and I will do all I need to. Just be willing. I have been teaching you about My will daily. You have studied under Jesus Christ. I would think you know some things about Me. I am the teacher. You are My people. Your life I use to teach you lessons. Your trials teach you profound truths. What gems those little trials are, gems of great knowledge from Me. Every day unfolds and you are taught by Me. You are My pupil. I am your teacher. Teach your brothers how to be My pupils in their lives.

I am the teacher of all truth. My teachings are truths of the soul. I am the greatest teacher. My school is run on My love. It is always good for you. Take your tests and receive a golden reward. Graduation is into My Sacred Heart, into the kingdom of God. I love you so!