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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP "You Are Special" by RITA RING Post 78, November 28, 1993

You Are Special

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 28, 1993 4:30a.m.

Jesus speaks: I come, you wait. I am here, body and soul, Son and divinity. All power is Mine, says the Lord, for you are My chosen people. You wait and I come to you. Prepare Me a way for My coming. I come as a baby at the breast. I come into your midst, not as a mighty king, but as a little helpless baby.

You may see Me in your mind's eye. I am becoming more and more alive to you. You truly, after all this time, believe in Me. Do you feel some shame for all your doubts? I come not to shame you but to be with you in an intimate way so I might love you as I so desire. I come to love you. I entered the womb and was born a little helpless baby, God-made-man, for love of you. I lived, I walked, I grew on this earth as a little boy, subject to My parents here. I was raised like any other child. I did not come with the blare of trumpets and roll of drums. I was born in a little old stable with the sheep and cows. The only blare of trumpets came from the angels who sang in the distance. I came and lived as a child for love of you.

Look at all I have done and I do for love of you, but you still do not see how I value you. You are so precious to Me, that I, God-made-man of a woman, came to dwell on this earth as a baby and a little child out of love of you. And you doubt your worth? You look in all the corners for recognition, for promotion of self, to help yourself to feel good, when I, God, came to a woman as a baby and dwelt on this earth out of love of you. Oh, how I love you this day. It is the same as the day I was born and the day I died. My love is always the same. My love is so intense and so great that you, in your human form, cannot fathom its might, but it is so unbounded.

Wake up, My people. See what value you are to Me. God loves you this way. I am such a good God to you. I am filled to the brim with My love for you. The Father loved you, My little child, no less than that He gave His only Son for love of you. Do you understand Me at all, child? How can you, at any moment, doubt your specialness? Embrace your value to God. God the Father to send His only Son, God the Son to comply, and God the Holy Spirit to give His consent to such an undertaking, all for love of thee!

Oh, ye of little faith, quit looking for recognition in your brothers. Their affirmations are momentary and wane in time. They love you today and hate you tomorrow. When they are tired they love you less. If you use your brothers to measure your worth, your worth is never the same-some days good, some days not so good. You are the same beautiful creation of God, but your human brothers only measure by their human ways. They cannot love beyond their limits. But God can love you, only as God can, in a divine way. God's love never falters. It never changes. It is not good today and not so good tomorrow. It is the same as the day He chose to be born and die for love of you!

Oh you, so precious of the Father, out of love of the Holy Spirit, I was born to give you life, life eternal, life forever. Why would you go to a human and ask, "How am I doing? Was I good today?" Go to God. Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek and you shall find. My love is endless, unbounded. I proved your worth and value by My birth, death and resurrection. Do you need more than this to convince yourself of your value? Oh, little ones, come and forget yourselves. You need not ever try to measure your worth again. Come and be alive in Me. Love Me. Be busy about this task. Forget yourself. Your value has been proven by Me. Be busy about your union with Me. Forget your unworthiness, your recognition. Forget yourself. Die to yourself that you may truly live.

Go about being aware of My love for you. Dwell on how I, God, want to be close and united to you. Forget your lowliness, focus on My love. Your value was and is established by My love. Your job is to concentrate on this love.

Come and receive Me, God-made-man, every day in the Eucharist. You are so blessed, My chosen children, to receive God in your body. Who are you that He chose to humble himself and come inside of you? And then you look for recognition and value in the world. Oh, you silly ones. This will not make you feel loved and accepted. It is the wrong place to go-to any human being for the recognition the soul craves with God! When you realize that I loved you to My death, then your hearts will no longer be empty. You can be respected and loved by every soul on the earth. This is not enough for your soul. It craves the love of God. Seek ye first Me and My love and then you will be satisfied. You will feel the enormous value I have placed on you, My lowly servants. And what do I ask in return? Only love, love of God, first and foremost, then love of neighbor as yourself. All I give and then I only ask you to love back.

Can you not come to Me and share yourself in love with Me? Will you not put Me first when I am God and I have loved you to this extent? Come and be with me in Communion. Come and sit in My house, with Me truly present in the tabernacle. Out of love of you, I sit by day and by night and few ever come. Do you not think how, if I loved you so much as to die for you, I would not pour out My gifts when you come to Me?

I wait with My love when you come in the Eucharist and Adoration. I fill you to the brim. This world cannot give anything like God. Oh you, so silly, visit your friends, go to stores, buy, buy, buy. The soul is thirsty. You look in the wrong places for your compulsive cravings. It is for God. You were created to know, love and serve Him. Nothing but He fills this hungry soul. Come to Me. Your other ventures leave you dry and unsatisfied. Only God feeds the soul. The soul is never satisfied except in union with Him. You can continue your useless feats but you are pursuing them in vain. You are only momentarily satisfied and then you must look for another self-fulfilling adventure. I am Jesus Christ, Son of God. I came to this earth out of love of you. I lived and I died a brutal death that you might have life. On the third day, I rose and I gave you new life. Only I can give you this. All other adventures leave you empty with a deep yearning to be satisfied.

Come to Me, beloved of My Father, and find the light of life. Drink the cup of salvation. Come and be filled and you will have life eternal, not as this world gives you life, but as only I can give you life. Oh, so silly ones! To forget Me! So sad, My soul is so sad for all those who have run amok. Pray and sacrifice for them that they will be lead to My light. The people in darkness have seen a great light and have been drawn from the pits to the life of the spirit. Alleluia, Alleluia.

Offer your days for these brothers. Pray for their conversion. They need your prayers. They need your example. It is in your commitment to Me that they are taught. You do not take them aside and constantly bother them about Me. You live your life in My love and your life is their teaching. I shine from your eyes and live in your hearts and you radiate an energy that only I can give. You do not have to do. You have to spend your life being attached to Me, spending time with Me, and you will teach the greatest lessons of My love by just being.

Oh, I love you, My little ones. What a battle you fight every day in the world whose people have made themselves their own gods. You must remain faithful in your love of Me. Nothing will matter but this in the end.

I come, you wait. You are filled to the brim. This alone satisfies the hunger.