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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 64, November 15, 1993

I Love You to Death, Today! 

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 15, 1993 - After Mass

Jesus speaks:I have come to give you life, not as the world gives, but as only I can give.

R. Into Your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. My heart is open wide and I give to You a garden ready to sprout for love of You. I am Your child. I wait for You to come and dwell in me. I am so unworthy but I long for Your presence with me.

Oh dear Jesus, You are so warm and so good. I feel Your love in my heart. I want to get closer to You but I am unable, but only as You deem possible by giving me Yourself in different ways. To be touched by You would lay me away. I want to experience all You will give me of Yourself. I long for closeness with Your Soul. I want to rid myself of me and my body and only exist here and now in Your Soul. My soul to mingle with Your Soul, to be filled with the light only You can give, on fire with Your love!

Oh, on fire with Jesus, my true love! Please give me all You will and let me know You more and more. This is the true treasure, this time alone with You. Oh Jesus, Your love is so great in our hearts. Oh, hearts of Mary and Jesus, both. Oh, God, so good to us, how lucky we indeed are!

Jesus speaks: I come, you are filled. I reach out to you, you grab My hand. The power you feel. Feel My power through your whole body. You have been touched by the hand of Jesus.

Is there any question in your mind of My might? Open your eyes. My life is there and I am willing to share Myself with you. My whole life I will make known if you keep coming and sitting with Me.

Oh, My passion, My child! Meditate on this every day. Think of My agony to know what would happen, to see only as God could see every detail of every event that would follow. To feel the pain before it happened and know how horrendous it would be. All the kickings, whackings, not to mention the names and slanders against God. They were doing this to God! In all My dignity and honor, I would experience such vileness and take it for love of you.

My passion is a wealth of material to study. But I will reveal such things to you. The bottom line is what I suffered for love of you. I would do this today. I love you just the same. Oh, if you only knew! It feels good to tell someone when you are wronged. I was so silent. The incredible things they did and I was silent. My mother suffered so with this. She watched her beautiful baby in such anguish. She was silent. Her agony was so great. She endured this for love of you. You are so loved, child. Why do you ever think you need to go anywhere for this little human love? It is nothing. My love is all encompassing. My mother loves you intently. Forget those who shun you. Who cares? You need My love. You don't need their love. Come, get My love and then give it to the unloving. Don't worry.

It is freeing to love the unloving. It is drudgery to hate the unloving. It is far harder in the end to hate than to love. Just forgive them. They need help. They are willful and so sick and sad inside. They are to be pitied. They have to live with their sick ways. Forget them. You have work to do. Do My work! First forgive and forget others who are sick. Let them go entirely. Be steadfast in Me and I will talk with your tongue. You do not have to minister to any sick brothers. The more you become in Me, I minister to them through you and you do not do anything but become My servant.

Open wide your gates and let Me enter. I will use you and you will not even feel their sickness directed at you. Pray to be selfless. Pray to be used. Pray to be possessed by Me. You don't even have to pray to do well in a job or in handling a situation. You don't do it. Pray to be possessed by Me. It is I, then, Who act from you. Spend time thinking about Me and My life. Don't think about others and their sick ways. Who cares? Satan can do really vile things. Focus on the remedy, not the cure. The remedy is to let Me possess your soul. I handle it all. You needn't fume or fret or become anxious. I will tell you what to eat and what clothes to put on.

You are My babies, remember? Babies don't dress themselves or fix their own meals. They wait on their mothers. Be like babies. Wait on Me for the smallest details in your life. I will clothe you. I will feed you. I will comfort you. I will direct you. I will care for you. I will act in you. You must just be open as an open door. I go in and I fill your soul. You operate as I want you to. Have oatmeal for breakfast! I love you, little one.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Every detail I will tend to. You live in Me and I in you. Your cares are for Me and My ways. It is I Who act for you and I Who do all things through you. You focus on Me. My life, My passion, My ways, My heart, My love, My goodness. Don't think about anybody and what they did. Just come and be with Me and let Me possess your soul.