Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 76, November 26, 1993

Prepare for My Mass

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 26, 1993 - Before Mass

Jesus speaks: Prepare ye the way for My Mass. Let your hearts be lifted up to Me, your Divine Savior. Come on bended knee and wait with great anticipation. Where are your hearts? Are they closed off because you are so caught up in the things of this world or are they open, awaiting My tremendous event? Let your souls be ready. Rid yourself of earthly distractions. Pray for openness. On your way, think about Me and not your problems with your wives and husbands or children or workers. This is Satan at work right away to get you focused on everything but Me.

Come with your hearts ready. Anticipate this event in eagerness. Turn your minds off and focus only on My love. Yours is a special gift, to come to receive Me in Communion! Oh, to be so close to receive God on your tongue! Who are you that God comes to you? Focus on My love. Ask God's forgiveness for your sins so you will be more pure. Once you have remembered your sins and confessed them, then forget them because they bring you back to yourself. Forgive yourself as He does.

Listen to the words in the readings. You are fed and nourished through the sacred scriptures. Be thirsty for this reading so you will soak up its message like a sponge. Be prepared for the miracles that occur in the Mass. Bread and wine are changed into My Body and Blood. What a miracle! I am truly present! This is a glorious event when this happens. Only I have the power. The priest becomes Christ truly present, changing ordinary bread and wine into My Body and Blood. Be a witness!

You are going to be changed, this day, November 26, 1993. My hand has touched you and the path you now proceed on is the will of My Father. You will be selfless and unattached to all that is worldly. You will be focused on My work here and My union with you. Open all your cares to My Sacred Heart and leave yourself behind. Total selflessness, total surrender. I demand holiness and prayer from you. Do not focus on others and what they said or didn't say. Know I am caring for your every need and you have no reason to worry. If a cross comes, accept it as given to you from Me with much love and know it soon will pass and you will be victorious in My mission for you. You embark on My plan for you.

Alleluia. Praise the Lord. For you have said "yes" to the Father and He will bless you on your way. Alleluia. His will is My will. My love for you is so great, My child. I am your Rock, your Fortress, your Deliverer. I guard your going out and your coming in. There is nothing in your life I do not guard. I guard your every move. Have no fear. Feel a wash of peace in your heart for you need only follow Me and My work for you. Do not think. Do not question. Let Me lead the way and follow, follow, follow to be on the way that I have planned for you.

You do not worry for anything-what you are to wear or put on or eat. You do not worry. You turn your life entirely over now. Know I go with you and My mother is by your side. Do not fear. Concentrate on My love for you. It will warm you always. She is ever present for you, as a loving mother always is. She loves you very much. She loves you especially for loving her Son. She is there and she is loving you. You have a team. Fear not. Do not think of any of your earthly cares-children or whatever. All will unfold for you. Trust in Me and My ways for you. It is out of My greatest love that I use you in this task. I love you.