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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP "I Control Your Hot Air Balloon" by RITA RING Post 79, November 29, 1993

I Control Your Hot Air Balloon

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 29, 1993 - 4:30a.m.

Jesus speaks: Come unto Me all who are weary and I will give you rest. You come and I wait for you to be alone with Me. In these precious moments, I talk to you. Do you know how truly special these moments are?

I, God, talk to you and you wait for the teaching I want to give. I may not give you any or I may give you some great gift of wisdom. This is how I want your life to be: controlled by Me. You wait and know I will take care of you. I know just what you need. You must come, though, or you miss it all. You could have slept and missed My whole teaching. You come in silence in the night.

I love the quiet hours during the night. I love you to come when you could choose to sleep. This delights My Sacred Heart when you come from your sleep and you spend time with Me. You do not suffer from this sleep loss. I make you energized and you never miss it at all.

People do not realize that I do not need to give in to your body. I do not have to obey natural laws. I make people hear what I want them to hear. They may not even know what they are saying and what people are hearing. You, little flower, do not have to do it. I do it for you. I use you to do My work if you are willing. Why would I subject Myself to what you say? I can do all things. I can talk for you. I can have others hear what I want them to. I do not have to depend on these laws on earth. I am God! I can put a person on your path and you wonder how he was there at that particular moment. All the minutes and seconds in a day, and your paths just cross. No, My child, it was My miracle. It was My doing. I watch you like a doting mother and I want your lives to work for My greater good. Oh, you say, it just happened. That is not so. I was behind the scenes.

You think you are in control. Ha, ha! You don't control anything. Look at the weather. Did you control this cold? No, that is out of your control, but other things are in your control. I give you a free will. You control your will. Beyond that, you do not know the miracles I make happen in your life.

I am always working behind the scenes. I do not abandon you ever. I watch you as a doting mother. Your children I guard. If more parents knew how I guarded their little ones, they would be constantly on their knees in front of Me!

I have all the power. You have experienced My power over and over again. Little coincidences, you say. No, I am afraid not. It was Me at work!

If you want to know Me. You must seek out all the times I was especially present and something just happened and put these occurrences on a list in the front of your head. You need My special glimpses of heaven memorized. You, My child, have quite a list to make. Do not tarry. Do this for yourself. Today. Begin it in this notebook and the Holy Spirit will help you remember (l) special times when others just appeared or things just happened and (2) supernatural experiences in your life when you got a special glimpse of heaven from Me (including a dream, smelling incense, roses, seeing images, Mary, Me, the Holy Spirit). You need dates. I am very conscious of dates. Special occasions. I want you to know My presence. I want to be alive to you. I want you to see the miracles I provide for you.

If you make this list, your doubts will definitely diminish. Include the births of your children and how it all worked so perfectly. Include Me in your life. I am here. I am making things happen. Look for one in everything that happens. I am truly here in your life at every minute. I do not leave your side. I am present while you sleep, watching and waiting for you. It is now 5:00a.m. See how I am here.

Make your list today. This will enhance your relationship with Me. This will make Me really alive in your undertakings. The minute something miraculous occurs, write it down. You smell incense-write it down. This will really make Me alive to you. Even if you don't remember everything, don't miss one opportunity from here on. I am right by your side, little one. I want to be alive in your life. You need to write these things down.

I love you so much. I truly do. I wait and watch you in the night and all day lest your foot stumbles and falls. Quit thinking you are in control. All you control is your will and what I really want is total surrender. I want to run you, totally, out of love and trust in Me. I want you to become selfless and let Me possess your soul. Then your life will fly, like the hot air balloon. You are free. You are unattached. You sail the skies and you do not meet any resistance from the earth. You are above the earth. It has no power over you. You are powered by the fire of My love. You remain high and upward. I am at the helm. You only trust in Me. I watch the wind and the weather. I look out for you. You are My little babies in a hot air balloon.

Oh, babies, I want to baby you. Let go of your silly wills. This is what separates us. Let it go, I tell you. Spend all your days focused on Me. Make yourself My empty vessel. I use you and you comply. I am God, child! Do you think you are smarter than God? Then let go, you silly. I know all things and I have all the power. I can make it rain or sunshine. I can plant the right person on your way. I can make you perform phenomenal feats. Why do you want to hold on to your ways? I am God. Can you operate like God? How silly! I am able to do all things in an instant.

Give it up. Turn it over. Let Me be in you and you have a winner every time. Whatever I send you is out of the greatest love. Your trials have been your greatest teachings! Would you give your beautiful child a snake when he asks you for your help? How much more would I, Who am God, give to you, My beautiful ones.

Oh, oh, oh, I love you so, little one. You don't have any idea how deep! Come and let Me show you My love for you. This is the only way to go. I am the way, the truth and the life. He who abides in Me will have the light of life. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.