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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 63, November 12, 1993

Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 12, 1993

Jesus speaks: Praise God. Honor God. Worship God, for He is Holy. His mercy is from generation to generation on those who fear Him and pray to His most Sacred Heart. He opens wide the gates of His mercy and what flows forth is abundant graces to all His children. They are the recipients of His love. But, they must come and ask for this. He does not give for nothing. A person must turn to Him. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy often. It greatly pleases Me. You do not realize the power of this prayer. Pray in honor of sick ones often during the day, at 3:00p.m. especially. Pray and be with Me in this prayer often through the day. It pleases Me greatly.

Your will is very strong. When will you realize I am God and I am a person Who waits for you at night. I wait by your bedside while you sleep. I wait because I love you so. You are not alone at night when you sleep. I am there. Mary is there. You are guarded by a heavenly presence-your angels. Those dear to you wait and watch you in your sleep. Strive to be holy in all you do. Make your life an act to please Me. Please Me by caring for yourself, little gem. You are far more precious than any stone. I need you ready for Me to beckon you at any time.

I love you, My daughter. I love you, My child. I love you any way you come.

R. Song after Mass: Dwelling Place

"To be Your bread, to be Your wine…"

To be Your wine, Lord, come and change us. If He can change bread into His Body, He can change us into His Body dwelling within us. Possess me, change me, fill me, permeate me with Your dwelling within me. I am no longer me, but You Who dwell in me. I am only as You live in me. What a union! We are fixed like glue, Godly glue! It never separates. Come and dwell like this, Lord, unworthy as we are. We are open to all You give us.

Song: Prayer of St. Francis

"Make Me a channel of Your grace,

Where there is hatred, let me sow Your love…"

Song: Eagles' Wings

"And I will raise them up on Eagles' Wings…"

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit dwell within your heart. Jesus is totally present in the Eucharist. God dwells within our hearts. The warmth of His presence is in our hearts. He is alive in our being. He is the one, true God. Our form is changed and we are made His holy people by the miracle of the Eucharist. He dwells within our hearts. He is God-made-man in us. Such honor, indeed, I can scarcely speak, for knowing Him is knowing God. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the one true presence of God and He has honored us by His presence.

Oh, Father, to know You and the Holy Spirit as much as I can! I want to know God. I want this union with God. Through Jesus You are made known to us. Oh, Father, through Jesus we feel Your love within us. A Father Who truly loves us and cares for us, Who loved us and created us out of love!

Please instruct me in all that You will share with me. I am so thirsty for You. Oh God, one, true! I love You-all three persons. Come and let me know more of Thee!

Jesus speaks: I am the one, true God. I am Jesus, Son of God. I come to you totally present, body and soul, in the Eucharist. You are My chosen one that I choose to come and dwell in you. I am uniquely present to you here. You cannot comprehend My True Presence in your earthly form. A glimpse of My being I impart to you. You must keep begging for this intense union with Me.

This is knowing God. To know Me is to know God, for I am God. True, loving, one God. You shout for joy at such a union and you should indeed. For My True Presence is within you now in the Eucharist. You do not even comprehend what you partake in. This is so important-every day to partake in the Risen Christ, truly present within your soul!

See why you must remain holy to receive Me? I am God and I come to you. Keep your mouth holy, your hands holy, your heart holy. Be so reverent to My coming. I am God, the one true God and I come to you. You are so blessed by this union.

Spend time with Me. No prayers, just being, My being in you and your receiving Me in this union. Surrender totally to My presence and die to yourself that I may live in you. The more you die, the more I live. Let Me live through you so I can touch your brothers. The more selfless you become, the more I am able to touch your brothers through you. Beg to be emptied of yourself. Let go of this world. Be only of Me. You will see the miracle-My dwelling in your soul and acting out of you.

I am God. God has visited His people. He chooses to operate from your sick heart. Strive to become more of Me and less and less of you. Beg God for this union, joining God to your soul. Die to yourself. Let Me live and dwell in you. I want this union with you. It is an act of your will to make Me first and last in your life! I am all. There is nothing between. I am first, I am last, and there is no middle. It is only Me dwelling in you and Me operating out of you. I want to love your brothers through you. I love every one of God's children this intently but, if they do not come, how can I reach your brothers except through you? Be open as an open door. When I walk through, you greet Me with open arms. I never leave. It is a one-way door. I am in your heart to stay. Make your heart a temple for Me to live there. Keep everything ready for God. This demands holiness in all things. It is not hard. It is I Who dwell and act in you. You will cherish this union with all your heart.

R. Oh Jesus, that I may know and love You more and more. Let me walk Your passion with You. Let me fight the fight for Your truth. Possess my soul and use me to do Thy will.

Praise You Father, Son and Holy Ghost.