Thursday, January 15, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 71, November 21, 1993

Take Your Bottle

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 21, 1993 - 4:10a.m.

Jesus speaks: Come to Me, you little babies, all who are weary and heavily burdened, and I give you rest. Rest, not as the world gives you rest, but in Me, your divine maker. Oh, ye wander and ye wait in a valley filled with tears and heartaches, but I say know this, little babies: I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I am here. I am not off somewhere while you trudge this valley alone. I am right in your midst. You do not see Me but you know I am truly real and I am with you. You needn't worry or fume about while you are here. I go every step with you on your way! It isn't as if you are forgotten and you plead and I come sometimes and sometimes I don't. I am here by your side. I am always with you. You need only stop and you will feel My presence with you.

You must have faith. You must take your troubles and trust in Me, not a little, but always. You don't let anything Satan puts in your path get really in the way.

R. You say this is a big one, hard as can be. But here, Jesus, my love, I stand at the foot of Your cross and I will carry out my work for You. Smiling and being there as You want me to be (smelled roses). I trust in you, Lord! Oh, Blessed Lady! I love you and Jesus.

Jesus speaks: Life may seem tough. Life may seem an uphill battle-all the more reason you trust when you are overcome with adversity. Just don't give in to it. Let it go to Jesus and watch how quickly it works itself out. The more you trust and turn everything over, the more you will amazed. Where you operated before so perplexed, you go now and with ease the difficulty dissipates. Only My hand can do such things!

Oh, little ones, I love you, love you so. Keep focusing on Me as the doting mother, hovering over the young and you do your part. Picture yourself as a baby who is totally dependent on his mother. He doesn't get up and fix his own bottle. He waits and even takes it when it is too hot or too cold. Sometimes the mother burns his little mouth. He cries but he takes the bottle just the same. You take all I give you-hot and cold bottles, bottles that are just right. If they come from Me they are all out of My great love for you. You keep coming back. You don't say, "I think this one was too hot. I will fix my own" or "I will find another mama to give me what I need." You may cry a bit, but you come right back because you know, just as the baby, how I love you.

Turn over the hot ones to Me. Accept them as coming from Me, but don't belabor and worry and try to correct them. Just accept them in the love given and give the worries up to Me. Don't fight off the cold bottles either. Accept them, all of those I give you. When you feel I have forgotten, come to Me on your knees and beg Me to be there. You know, as a mother, I will not forget My baby and if she does forget, know I will never forget!

Turn this hot one to Me. It is only a little problem. You can trust totally in Me or worry if you finally have a big problem. Don't worry. Do My work. Know I am here in all your trials, closer and closer, loving you intently as you struggle in the valleys. Know the valleys may be low, but the peaks are there and they are so high and beautiful. It is in the valleys you learn more about Me. It is in the valleys you learn trust and faith. It is in the valleys I am right there with you, looking into your eyes. Your eyes! Oh, keep them focused on Me. Strive to be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect. Seek after this perfection and holiness. Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, for I am a God Who loves you so. You will never comprehend even the tiniest amount. The more you trust Me, the more you know Me, the more you see My Sacred Heart, so gentle, so kind, so loving! My Sacred Heart on fire! It radiates such a splendor. It shines like a hot beautiful fire. There is such mystery in a fire that is so deep and so hot. How bright is its center. How hot could it be? That is Me. My heart is on fire with the hottest fire. You wonder how hot is My center. How bright could it be? Brighter and hotter than you could ever imagine in your earthly form!

Oh, what glories I have in store for you, when you finally see it all! See all there is to Me. Little glimpses I will give you. They are special treats of My love, but you, in your earthly form, can't even handle it. My power, My light, My fire would blow you off your feet and you would be out cold! That is how I am at your side with a power pack like this and you worry about a power failure? Oh, how silly, when I am with you. Trust, trust, trust! I am here. I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. The sheep follow the shepherd and are led where they need to go. Some go off to do their own grazing. Oh, so sad for them. Sometimes they fall and are totally destroyed! The shepherd is so sad and laments the loss of one sheep, but he tries all he can to get them and bring them back to his flock and they may graze other lands, only to find a very sorry end. Poor little lost sheep.

You, My child, are just My little dear baby. Your soul reflects the majesty and love of one Who cares for you. Your eyes are lit by My fires. Your heart is bubbling over with intense fire and this shows in your eyes, your touch, your speech, your smile. You never falter and get downtrodden even in the grandest adversity because I am guarding you. I am by your side. I love you, little one. I am Jesus, your ardent lover, come to you at every second to light your way, even when the bottle is hot. I am there in the hot one. I am there in the cold one. I am there when they are just right.

You are taunted by Satan. He hates you, but I am there and he cannot harm you. You will learn trust and faith in Me by handling your cross. Turn to Me and see Me forgiving those who put Me to death, see Me forgiving those who beat Me and tore My flesh and crowned Me with piercing thorns, see Me in all My Blood, covered from head to toe, forgiving those who did this to Me. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I live in your trials. I teach in your problems. Embrace all you are given and do not ever turn from Me. Turn toward Me and feel the heat, the comfort, the love! Accept the cross. It is a gift from Me so I can touch you in a special way and give you a teaching. You are taught in your crosses when you accept them with open arms. I am here with all My love. To My death I loved you. I love you no different this day.

And I came in all My splendor and you caught a glimpse of My beautiful heart. In rays of light, really aglow, waiting, waiting for you, My love, to come and be united with Me. Unity in the cross, unity in all I sent you and you did not fear and you did not lose your way. You followed the Good Shepherd over the rocks and the thistles that pricked at your little toes, but you kept going. Rocks and thistles, because He knew the way and you were following Him as you ought.

The hills were steep, the valleys low. There were times you were dry in your mouth. There was much that was not to your liking, but you followed and followed and, in the end, a beautiful pasture, flowing with a bubbling brook, and a sunny day. Follow Me this way. Don't ask. Don't stop. Don't try to find a way out. Follow Me over the rocks, over all the dry lands, wet lands, lands that are just right. Trust in Me as little sheep. He does not go to graze other lands for he will surely lose his way. Follow, follow, follow the Master and you will never run amok, you will never lose your way, you will fly on eagles' wings. You will run and not get weary, and you will be guarded on your path, the right path that leads down all the right roads to an everlasting treasure.

My love is your fuel, My heart your light. You have heat on your journey. Stay close to the center of My heart and all you need will go with you. Alleluia.

I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. They follow Me.