Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 69, November 20, 1993

Die to Self

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 20, 1993 - 4:45a.m.

Jesus speaks: Die to yourself that I might live in thee, for I was hungry and you gave Me to eat, I was naked and you clothed Me. It is harder for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Remember all those words you hear in the Scriptures. They are indeed My holy words at Mass. I feed you and you are fed at Mass. I am so good to you. You must be willing to open yourself entirely to Me. Do not hold back any of yourself. I love your eagerness to give Me your all. It so comforts My aching heart. My heart aches for all those who have forgotten God. I am truly here, day and night. I watch and I wait for My little ones to be with Me, but they do not come. They stay away and tend to useless things. They do not come to Me. They are blind and totally caught up in the things of the world.

There is so much sin. People sin without even knowing they sin. It is such a habit that they do it automatically. Such wounds, habitual sin and indifference. I am God. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I come that you might live, that you will have life in Me, that your hearts may be ready for the Kingdom of God. And where are they? For this short time they want to be satisfied. They seek after empty wells. They run down roads that lead to destruction. They go full steam ahead in a life that has no room for God. They do not know why they were created. They are empty and hollow inside, but they continue to follow their empty lives.

Oh, little ones, you turn your backs. You listen to the sick world. I am here in all these ways but you do not want to do My will. You want to do the will of the world! Store up all these treasures here? For what? They make no difference. They are worthless to Me.

Pray, oh My children. Pray for these children in darkness! How do I reach them? Do they need a bump on their head to know that My kingdom waits and it isn't of this world? I bring My curtain down and your life is over. So sad, he who chooses to live only in this world! I have given him so many chances but he continues to sin and delights in harming his brothers. I make ready a place for all My children, so they might come and be saved. I pursue them as a treasure in the field. I open My gates. I give them every opportunity to be saved but some choose to remain indifferent to Me and caught in themselves and their sins. They make themselves their gods and are miserable inside. Only I give them what they crave. To try to fill yourself with this world is not a happy life because the soul thirsts for only that which I can give and the body holds all things of Me at an arm's distance from the soul.

The soul in its pain laments while the devil whispers words of the ego and doing one's own will in their ears. What a sad thing, to be run by Satan and not know it, to live in misery but do exactly as you want. Like blind and dumb sheep, you run into walls and keep running into the same walls. Does this feel good, little tender sheep?

Why do you do it? The things of this world give instant gratification. Then it wears off quickly. A good meal-pleasure while you eat it. Sex-an instant of pleasure-then it is gone. Drink numbs your brain and makes you depressed. Television brainwashes your mind and you go to bed the victim of those on the set who made your moods and fashioned your thoughts. This is happiness? This is emptiness.

I feel so sad for My sick ones. I want their love so much. I want to hold them and tell them all My secrets. I want to bestow on them My gifts-real gifts, not a scarf, not a piece of clothing or a muffin. I want to give them a gift of knowledge. I want them to have love in their hearts. I want to give them peace in their souls. I want to give them a relationship with Me. To know a friend who would die for you-what else could I say? I lament their souls.

Life is so short and eternity never ends. I am a loving God. Your soul craves Me like a magnet, but you fight and turn away. Such emptiness! You will never know! I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My heart shines bright for all My children, not a few, but you are blinded by your own wills. You are prompted by Satan to listen to his evil words. You think of your own egos and how you must do exactly as you want.

I call you to life with Me and you say no. I must be the ruler. That is why you do not turn to Me. The more you focus on yourself, the farther you move from Me. The more you focus on Me the more you rid yourself of you and the closer our union. Die to yourself that we might live. In your emptiness, you cried out and I came and your hearts were made full and you knew that you had sought your treasures down empty paths and you knew that I could fill the soul.

Pray hard for all those lost in sin. They need you today. Keep praying and offering sacrifices that they will turn their wills to Me. Only prayer will work. I love each soul and I am working for its conversion. Only prayers will help. What a beautiful reward to think you helped someone to turn his life to Me. This is all that matters. All else is useless.

R. Amen. Alleluia.