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TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 61, November 11, 1993

Happiness Is Not Something You Can Touch

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 11, 1993 St. Gertrude's After Mass

R. I am filled with the love of Jesus. My soul is filled and nourished by His Body and Blood. I have become less me and more Him as I surrender my body and soul to Him. I want to totally let go of myself. My soul is washed by His Blood and bathed in a bath of His love. My body is of no account. I can only feel God when I rid myself totally of my body and communicate with Him in my soul. My soul is made clean by His Blood and I put all my sins aside and focus on His presence and His love. To focus on my sins is to make me involved with myself, which I must totally rid myself of to communicate with Him. I am sorry, but then I move on, to focusing only on Him. I disassociate my soul from my body and communicate to Him only with my soul. My sins, my self, my body-all hold me back from being united with Him. I must be totally free of these things and focus only on communicating with Him with a soul free of such limits.

Oh, my Savior, come and wash me. Bathe me in Your Precious Blood. Come and free me of the things of life on earth so I may see You in my very soul.

Oh Savior, come and rescue me. Fill me with all that is of You so I can become more like You in the soul You created for me.

Oh Savior, help me in my struggle to know You more and more, to feel You in my daily life and to know that You are with me always here.

Oh Savior, make me fixed in You so that I may ever be closer and closer to You then in this holy unity.

Jesus speaks: My child, you please Me, spending time with Me. I am here with you. The closer you come to Me, the more you embrace My light. If you stay far from Me, you are surrounded by darkness. My hand is upon you in the light. You are guided on your way to Me. Embrace My light and draw yourself near to Me, nearer every day. This relationship with Me takes time. It takes many times alone with Me to know Me. I am God and there is so much to teach you, but you must come to be taught. You must come and be alone with Me so I can tell you what you long to know.

There is a magnetic attraction to Me in your soul. Once you start to seek Me, you keep coming back because you crave what I have to give you. Why do you keep coming back, My child? You could go to the world but it does not feed the soul. You keep coming back because I fill your soul and you get something here that is nowhere else.

I am your true Savior and your lover. I fill you with such good things. I do not adorn your bodies or put meat on them. I do not give you money. I do not give you cars, and boats-all the things the world gives you. These things the world says you need to be secure. I give you peace and love and joy. I give you lightness and wisdom. I give you a smile for your troubled heart. I give you all things you cannot touch, but which you crave. Clothes, cars, house are all things you touch, but their presence lasts a moment and then you ask, "What do I get next for my happiness."

Happiness, my daughter, is not something you touch. It is not an item you can buy. It is a spiritual thing in your heart. Your joy, your peace, your love are all things of the spirit. Only I can feed you with the things of the spirit. Only I can feed you with the things of the soul. I created the soul and I make it work. To try to work the spirit with the things of the body is useless. It does no good. I made the soul, I feed the soul. To go elsewhere to feed the soul is useless.

Come to Me, My little ones. How I love you and want to feed your souls. I want to give you all your hearts crave. I want to fill you with My peace, love and joy. Only I can give these things. Go to the world and they will supply you with objects. These do not feed your soul, your spirit. Come to Me and I feed the spirit. I feed the soul. I give you the greatest love there is-the love of the one, true God.

Come unto Me, all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Those things you seek in this world will all pass away. What I give will never pass away. What you carry in your soul goes on with you to eternity. Carry My gifts in your soul and you will soon be with Me in heaven.