Saturday, January 17, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 73, November 23, 1993

Come To Communion

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 23, 1993 - 2:10a.m.

Jesus speaks: The devil can't harm you. No one can harm you for I am the gentlest of all hearts. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God and I am here. I am your power. I am your might. I am your all. I call you from your sleep and beckon you to write every word. I speak to you. I am speaking in My voice, child. Listen and you will hear My gentleness. That which you read in these letters is the same gentleness. I tell you that is why you are the best to read My words. You know how I speak to you. All day I talk in your head. Tell them I talk. I am as alive to you as your children. When I speak you hear Me deliver every word. Do you not appreciate such a gift? Do they want more? They get what I give you and that is a great gift indeed.

You don't ask any questions. You come and I am in charge. I tell you what I want to tell you. No man asks God for his own eagerness to know. I know your every need. I give you what you need. If I did not give it, then you did not need this information. I am the giver here. I am in charge. This is My gift to all of you, to tell you of My beautiful love. I make known to you such mysteries as man does not know. I am the giver of the information. You, My child, are right to never question or never ask. To others who ask you to ask, tell them "no," as you did. You come, you listen, I talk, you talk, but not to ask questions of your own desires. I give you what you need when you need it. Do not ask for idle information. It is not up to you to question My knowing what to tell you. Curious children, trying to control God. This is not up to them. It is entirely up to Me and I am God. I have the power and I know all things. That is all you need to know.

To possess your soul is to make you sad, child. My soul is so sad for the loss of My children in sin. You ask Me to possess your soul, then you cry and you ask why do you cry. You cry because I am sad. My heart is so sad for love of My lost children. They wander this barren desert and they thirst for Me and I want to love them and they are dying inside, but they do not come to Me to drink. My heart is so sad for My loved ones. My heart is so sad for the sins, the murders, the sins of the flesh, the hatred, the cruelty. You wonder why you cry. You cry for My sadness in you when I possess your soul. This is your uncontrollable crying when I get close to you. I am sad. Such little ones are being taught such vileness. There is such sin and no regard for Me. God is of so little account! My love is so gentle, so kind, so real. You comfort Me when you cry with Me. It comforts My aching heart.

R. Oh, Lord, please possess my soul. Permeate my very being, so I no longer live, but You Who live in me. I am no longer attached to any of this world, but only attached to You. I am Yours totally and entirely, unmistaken in my identity, that I die to self and You operate out of me as You will. God, living and acting from my heart so my heart can beat and operate as You so direct it, not for self, but for Thee. Complete surrender and selflessness. You are at the helm, Lord. I am Your empty shell. You dwell in me and we are joined in this union, with Your work to do. Our hearts beat as one and we are united in Christ Jesus, our loving Lord. We, in our lowliness and unworthiness are united then to God. The one, true, magnificent God, worthy of all praise and awe of His presence, has chosen to become united with us.

What honor You bestow on those who truly love Him! Why do not all men turn their will and hearts over to Him for this union! He laments and His heart aches for the indifference of many hearts. Be sorrowful with Him for He is God, all worthy of all my love, of my all, of me and I would be a fool to hold back from this union! I am honored by Him in all His glory that He chose to unite Himself with me. Hold not back for He is God. To mix with Him is unbefitting of me, but His great love has beckoned us to be united.

Oh, the communion of the saints! Strive after this holiness. They knew what little account the things of this earth were. They knew that only He mattered. They knew of His undying love for each heart and soul. They saw His magnificence and they chose to partake in the greatness of God. We are offered no less. We are loved the same. It is us that hold back from His love. It is there for us if we ask Him for all He has to give. Ask and you shall receive Him, glorious Him, to dwell forever united in our hearts. What a union!

Every day without communion with Jesus is a loss of the greatest gift. Always come and receive Him in the Holy Eucharist. It is there that this beautiful union is brought to fulfillment. Jesus, present to us in the Eucharist in our unworthy body, what more could you seek after? Oh, so silly to let this opportunity go by. Every day come and feed your soul. It needs to eat. Jesus is truly there, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

Who am I, Lord, that You should come to me and dwell in my heart? Oh, what wonder in our hearts for Thee. You are so Great, oh Lord, worthy of all honor and all praise. In Your Communion we find life, life eternal, forever and ever. God enters our body and we are cleaned by Him Who loves us so. He loves us the same today as the day He died on the cross. Alleluia, Alleluia.