Friday, January 16, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 72, November 22, 1993

Jesus On My Tongue

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 22, 1993

R. Dear Jesus, this morning, as I received Communion, I cried and cried. I think it was because I am such a sinner and so full of pride. Maybe I cried for the awe that Jesus would come inside of me, maybe for the indifference of those who do not know He is truly God. Maybe I cried for Christ truly present inside of me. Oh, my dear Jesus, for whatever reason, I come to You and tell You I love Thee.

We are the daughters and sons of God, created with dignity and honor, but we still remain in our lowly state as humans. He honors us with His presence because of His intense love for us. That is the only explanation. Out of His love we are honored that He enters into our bodies and we become His temples.

Oh, God, how great You are and how honored we are by Your presence! Words are not there to express my feelings so I cry from unworthiness to You. Come and possess my soul. Make me more and more holy. Show me my flaws and the errors in my heart. Let me love as You fashion and shape me into what You want me to be.

You, Oh Lord, are the potter. I am lowly and ready to be molded by Your hands. Make me selfless and unattached to all that is worldly so I will be Yours to use and live in. Let me die to self and live only in You. Imperfect as I am, You come and dwell in my sinful heart and I am changed by Your touch.

Come, come, wash my sins away. Bathe me in Your Blood. Dry me with Your love and hold me under Your wing so I may never feel afraid again. I want to be as You want me to be. I open myself up entirely to all You want to do.

Alleluia! Praise Him, Who is God, one, true, magnificent, in all His glory. I come and open myself to Him.

Jesus speaks: Little girl, I do love you. I am truly present in your heart. It is in touching you this way I become more real to you. Just be with Me. Do not focus any more on the unworthiness. Focus on Me, Jesus, truly present to you out of love. I come not to point to your unworthiness. I come to love you, to be with you. Focus on Me in your soul, just loving you. In your brokenness I come, but I can only have a union with you if you get this point and focus on My love. This state you feel is your realization of My True Presence, God-made-man, and you see your unworthiness to Me. But you must go beyond this to union with Me. This is only accomplished by being with Me and focusing on My love. Be with Me, soul to soul, in My love. You long for My love. I come to you in your heart and I am joined with you there.