Friday, January 09, 2009

TEACHINGS TO LIFT YOU UP by RITA RING Post 66, November 17, 1993

Do Not Plan Your Life

God's Blue Book I Cover

November 17, 1993

Jesus speaks: Be not attached to the glory or to the persecution. Be as one who just waits and lets the Lord do all He desires.

R. I am waiting for You, Lord. Come and do as Thou wilt.

Jesus speaks: I am the God of Jacob, the God of Joseph, the God of your Fathers. How very silly to think of them as worrying. Do you not know, child, that the very hairs of your head are numbered, that life is just a breath compared to all eternity and that all your worry is in vain! I will make all things work in the end. The worry is indeed so useless. Turn yourself over to Me, body and soul. Put yourself into My hands and know the freedom of letting go. I will put all you need in your path. You must let Me operate you and do My work in you. You do not enter into it. Be surrendering and selfless so I may dwell in your heart and take up My permanent residence there. I need you in everything I have planned for you. If you begin to think, does this make sense? By whose standards will you judge? If you use the world to measure anything Godly, it will surely fail because the world does not have room for God in anything, including Kindergarten. Those poor little ones! To be taught such a sick thing at such an early age! My beautiful children, sitting in their little seats and being instructed about sex and money, void of God!

No, you surely don't want to measure your actions by the world. Where can you go? You go to Me. I wait with open arms to hail our work. Don't go to anyone but to Me. I am always there and I never steer you the wrong way. Don't go to man for only that which I can give you. Come to Me, My children, and be made whole. Come and put all your cares at the foot of My cross. Do not even think. Just know I am Jesus. I have all the power. I love you with such intensity and I am guiding you as a ship in the night. You will not crash or run into other obstacles. You will sail the seas and My beacon light goes before you.

You are My beloved. It is I you live for. It is you I died for. We are a team. We work hard each day doing the work I have planned for you. Don't stop and feel weary. My work is energizing if you do not question and measure. Have faith. Have faith. Do My work. Trust in Me. I will never forget you and you will not be left orphaned. Nay, I say, I will protect and hover over you like a mother for her newborn baby. I will guard you in every action you take. You mustn't think or measure anything you do. You must trust totally in the God Who loves you. Put your feet on solid ground. My ground is sure and steadfast. It is directed and ready for your walk. Walk with Me. Don't look back ever. Don't measure what you are doing. Trust and pray to Me. Then go about My tasks. The more you become selfless, the more I work in you and you really do very little. How can I do the wrong thing, if I am the actor? Die to yourself. Pray and meditate on Me. Don't think of anything but Me. Never try to figure out what you are to do. I will tell you, in just enough time, all you need to know. No worry, no decisions. Let go and let Me possess you. Then it is no longer you who operate, but I Who operate in you. I do not falter. I do not run amok. My ways are the ways of truth. I do what is right and I always have a success story. Did you think I would mess up? Never. I always do the thing that works out, like putting your hand into just the right glove. It goes in perfectly, no tugging or pulling, no baggy cloth. It fits to a tee and it is done with great ease.

Surrender, little ones, and spend your days praising and praying to Me. All you should seek is knowledge of Me. All else is fruitless. I have all the wisdom you need. Pray to the Holy Spirit. He is so smart! No one knows what God knows. Why go to school unless it is to His school? He can tell you in a lick all you need to know and would never know in a million years.

Oh, you are so blind and so silly. When I am here like a doting mother and I have all the answers. And you look to what for your answers? Oh, children, turn it over, I tell you! Quit running your lives. Let Me possess you and operate your very souls. You will do all you need to do with such ease. I love you all.

I am Jesus, your God. Come and be My little ones so I can work in you. Be selfless and surrender your wills to Me. Oh, little ones, I am the way, the truth, the life. All else is fruitless and to no avail. Other ways lead to destruction. Spend time with Me and I will give you all you need. Focus on Me and My life. Do not think about the world at all. It is Mine to run and you are only My warriors. You do as I command and you are obedient. I do not explain to you why you do not even think to choose a course of action. You do as you are commanded without question or pause.

Be My warrior. Be as I command and your life will be a song. You will be blessed and in the end I will lead you into the gates of paradise.

R. Alleluia, Alleluia. Praise the Lord.