Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fr. Gobbi


In this Message, Mother Mary has some powerful words to us who support the Marian Movement of Priests!

She says that we should consecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart without any special or dramatic acts, just do it! And when we give ourselves to Her, it should be completely, freely; our whole being. Then She can lead us as a mother leads her child. We must pray more, including the Holy Rosary, to love Jesus more, especially in the mystery of the Eucharist; Jesus especially loves those who consecrate themselves to His Mother. This will hasten the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart!

We must be faithful to the Pope and to the bishops and priests united with him; totally obedient to his commands, his desires, spreading his teachings and defending him with your blood! Our Lady says that only those united with the Pope will keep the True Faith and preserved from the great apostasy that has spread everywhere!

We must observe the Commandments of God and the Beatitudes taught by Jesus; live the Gospel so as to be examples to all around us. Lead an austere lifestyle, living a life of purity, including avoiding immoral books, magazines, movies, the Internet, where we are flooded with all types of filth. We also have to be modest in dress and sobriety; being good examples to our friends and families!

And finally, Our Lady says that we should form about our priests Her faithful cohort, Her great 'White Army' whose light will shine in the midst of the great darkness of corruption and death that has enveloped the world. We will be used by Her to prepare the world for the great purification that awaits it and at last, the world will be renewed for the coming reign of Her Son, Jesus, Our Lord and our God!

Roman Deacon