Thursday, July 19, 2007


'Only for My Son Jesus' is the title of todays MMP Message #27.

On this day Our Lady asks Her priest, who are in Her Movement to rely on Her as little children! She will take care of them and grant all their requests and desires like a good mother. But they must no longer live for themselves, not even their priestly duties, which consumes them. Why? Because all this activity leaves them empty and far away from Our Lady.

Her answer to this problem is "live only for My Son Jesus," and live the Gospel to the letter. It's hard, but Mother Mary will lead them by the hand, form them, and then they will be in union of mind and heart with Our Lord. Now they will be doing the same activities, only in a different manner; docile, humble, and kind to all, even the lost and despairing!

Worry about nothing, She says, just let Our Lady give you Her Heart, and live in that Heart! There in silence, in prayer, in equanimity, Her priests will make Her so happy as they speak about Her to all! As for the rest of us, let us also promote devotion to Our Lady to all we meet too, especially the children!
Roman Deacon