Friday, July 13, 2007


From the Blue Book, Message #21, titled 'I Want to Save Them.'

This is a powerful Message from Our Lady to Fr, Gobbi! Mother Mary is talking about Her Sorrowful Heart; a Heart that is real and living, a Heart that is full of love and sorrow, especially for all Her children. Who are Our Lady's children? All those redeemed by Jesus are Her children! That includes those who don't know Him, those who are in sin, the atheists, yes even those who reject God, who fight against and hate Him. They are all Mary's children.

Our Lady says that she suffers for these children because of what they are doing to themselves. She wants to save them all! How? Mother Mary wants us to help Her in this great crusade in saving souls. She wants our prayers and sufferings to make reparation for these sins and to restore the divine Image of Jesus in their hearts. And we need holy priests who will lead us in this Movement of Our Lady. This is a supernatural battle! The Demon of Corruption and Lust has seduced the world! Because of Satan, even the unborn are defiled before they awaken to life!

We need holy priests to help us combat this Demon of Lust who has invaded the media and people of almost the whole world with indecent and provocative styles; and evil entertainment which ruins morals; a morality that permits and legitimizes everything!

Our Lady wants Her priests to be pure, very pure! That way they will bring this virtue back into the world, so that Jesus can once again reign in our hearts and souls. This is what it means to be consecrated to Mary; it means to live and see as She does; and to love and suffer with Jesus and Mary for the great moments that are soon to come, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!
Roman Deacon