Wednesday, July 04, 2007


'Close to My Heart in Prayer' is the title of Message #12 in the MMP Blue Book.

Our Lady was asking Fr. Gobbi: "Why not write down what I make know to you?" She says that everything must be recorded, to be made known for others to read; how much love she has for him (and us) and what great things she has worked in him!

Do you keep a spiritual journal? I tried a few times but always forgot about it, except when I was going through my years of formation. We had to keep a "spiritual log", as they called it, and write down our experiences, especially what ministries we were involved in. And we had to turn them in every so often to be read by the priest in charge of deacon formation. He actually used these logs to evaluate our progress! At first, I didn't do well with this writing stuff, but after getting involved with some ministry with divorced and single parents, things got pretty interesting, and there was plenty to write about. I often wonder what happened to my "Log"? Is it on file somewhere? Who knows?

In the next paragraph, Our Lady says to accustom yourself to be trampled on, put aside, misunderstood, etc. . . . Boy, I can relate to that! And this is necessary for us! Wow! Humility and mortification, obedience and resignation to God's Will! These are some virtues that I've been praying for over the years, but you know, when you receive them we sort of rebel. So we say to ourselves, "Why me? This can't be right! I have my rights! And immediately Satan is sifting me to fight back! So, Mother Mary says to immediately answer back: "Get behind me, Satan! I have to drink the chalice that the Father has prepared for me!"

Mary promises to aid us in our weakness, if we remain close to Her Immaculate Heart. As we Consecrate ourselves every day to Her Heart, She will work wonders in us! We will be more Christ-like, as She molds us into His and Her image!
Roman Deacon