Sunday, July 08, 2007


This MMP Message from Our Lady is titled 'The Mother Must Be Loved and Lived.' It is #16.

Our dearest Mother Mary wants us to stay close to Her Heart and when we tell others about Her, She will help us say what they need to hear, so that they will love Her more. But when we speak about Mary, people should not have to hear long and complicated talks. Mother Mary is not to be studied, She said, but to be loved and lived! And we should honor Her by praying more and chattering less!

Good advice, dearest Mother! How many times have I gone to those meetings where the speaker went on and on about this or that, and in the end, finally denying the Gospels and the Truths of our Faith! I wanted to scream "You're wrong! Where is your Faith? Just what do you believe?" My answer to all this babble is just stay away from these so-called theologians, who love to hear themselves speak, but their words are treacherous.

Read the Marian Movement of Priests Blue Book and you will learn the Truths of our Faith. It will strengthen you in your struggle with those who deny and distort the Catholic Faith! Join the MMP! Start a Prayer Cenacle! Be part of Our Lady's army in these latter times! Our Lady says that the times are drawing to a close and that She is in a hurry to form Her army. Stay in continual prayer, penance and in union with Our Lady and She will use you for great things and the glory of God!

Roman Deacon