Monday, July 23, 2007


Message # 31, titled 'My Church Will Be Renewed'

Our Lady starts off this Message with a plea for us to comfort Her Immaculate Heart! Remembering that at Fatima and later in Spain, this was also the plea of the Angel and Jesus & Mary. "Console the Hearts of Jesus and Mary," he told the children and us. And Jesus said to Lucia, "What is being done to make reparation to My Mother's Heart?"

When I read these words, whether they come from the writings about Fatima or the words of Our Lady in the Blue Book, I take them as words and inspirations for all of us. How about you?

So, Mother Mary wants us to forget about our own personal problems and to take on Hers; by loving and consoling Her, our problems will disappear. We can only be happy if we remain always and at every moment attached to Our Lady's Heart. Oh, how many thorns penetrate that Heart; so many souls, even among the faithful, who are living in confusion and sin!

But among Her priest-sons who have betrayed Her Son, Jesus; they cause the most painful thorns, making Her suffer the most! Many are like Judas, unfaithful and doubting; they celebrate Mass and the other Sacraments but no longer believe. Their sacrileges are overflowing the cup of God's justice, and they are blind to the fact that they could be taken from this life in a second! Our Lady says that if they knew the horrible trials that await them, perhaps they would repent!

Our Lady is calling the faithful priests to gather under Her Mantle; Jesus will fill them with the Holy Spirit just like She was filled! They will listen to Him; they will love Him; they will proclaim Him according to the Gospel and the whole Church will be renewed!

What must we do to spread this Movement of priests? Remain in Our Lady's Heart; believe; pray; suffer; hold on to Her hand. And think, we are living in distressful times, and yet we are joyful, because we have been blessed with the intercession of Mother Mary, the Woman of Revelation, who conquers the Evil One.
Roman Deacon