Thursday, July 19, 2007

Continued . . .

3. The Teacher of Our Faith.
That is why we must have recourse to Her and implore from Her the light of faith. She is Our Mistress and Teacher, and even before Her assumption into Heaven She fulfilled this task. In the bosom of that budding early Church, in the Supper Room, how many things She must have taught the apostles; how many doubts must She have dispelled, how many details of the life of Christ She revealed to them! If She had not spoken, what would we know of the Annunciation, the dialog between Her and the Angel, the details of the birth in Bethlehem, of the flight into Egypt and the idyllic and happy moments of Nazareth? It may be said that the apostles knew of the mystery of the Incarnation through Her.

And now that She is in heaven in possession of such heavenly wisdom, what must be Her knowledge of the mysteries of our holy Faith! In the science of prayer, of union and familiarity with God She is, then, our teacher. She lived up to the highest standard of this life of union with God; and now in heaven, since She is immersed into the very essence of God as much as it can be granted to a creature, what summits will it have reached?

She is the Teacher of all virtues. She knows very well the difficulties that besiege us. She gauges the violence of the temptations that assail us, the roaring impetus of our passions in spate. She weighs our weakness and utter misery. That is why we must have recourse to Her. No one better than She will teach us what to do: the plan of combat, the line of our behavior. How safe do soldiers feel when they sense the firm hand of the experienced leader who maneuvers them to victory! In this manner we must trust our Mother, our Teacher, our Leader.

Lastly, She knows our mishaps, our faults and sins, our ingratitude and rebellions, the misery and the humiliation, the suffering and irritation that all this entails. She knows the punishment we have deserved. Go, then, to Mary and with great humility recount them to Her. Bring no excuses; hold nothing back, for She knows all. Merely ask for pardon and the grace of repentance. Tell Her to shower a ray of light on you, to give you just a flash of Her wisdom, just a little share of Her knowledge so that you may understand yourself well and understand God and beg the grace that from that knowledge may arise in your heart a profound humility and a love of abounding charity.

[Excerpted from 'MARIAN MEDITATIONS' Book by Rev. Dr. Ildefonso R. Villar, Salesian Philippine Province, Nihil Obstat; Imprimatur]