Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Message # 14.

August 13, 2003

The Blessed Mother

My dear ones, be grateful for this opportunity to join Us in this mission of redemption. You are truly blessed that We have chosen to come to you in this way. It is through these messages that we hope to bring you back to a full union with heaven, so that your work and duties will be divine and sanctioned by the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this way you will increase your effectiveness one hundredfold and one hundred fold again. Truly, there is no limit to what We can do, so be certain that you are letting Us lead and direct you. Otherwise, your work will be limited to human proportions, which is not what We require right now. Our work must be miraculous in its powers to convert. Souls must be brought back into the fold. Children, our standards must be set higher. And then higher again.

We have to get back to a point when any misuse of the Lord's name is offensive. We have to get back to a point where even the smallest of lies causes the conscience to send off warnings and will bring a soul to the confessional. Can you say that this is the standard now? I think not. But this is where We are heading. Souls must understand once again the damage that sin does to their union with God. Souls must understand that union with God is the greatest priority of their day and their life. If this is threatened, they must not only be aware of it, but seek to rectify the damage done by the sin and become reunited with their God. Can you say that it is this way today? Of course you cannot because it is not this way. The majority of Our children have fallen by the wayside of the path to heaven.

I do not want the logic of modern psychiatry. I assure you, it does not ring true in heaven and your God is not a psychiatrist and will not judge according to indulgent, character destroying theories, so embraced by your world. God is omniscient. He sees right into the center of the soul. If you work with souls according to the theories of the modern world, you do them a disservice. They will not be able to use these theories as a shield to hold off divine judgment. Better you say to a soul, follow the path of righteousness. In the event you have been wronged, look clearly at what happened. Be assured God is displeased with the wrong levied against you. It was not God's will that you be injured. But God will judge your offender. The offender will not escape divine justice and the offence will not remain hidden. There are no successful lies or deceits in heaven, my children. And God will heal even the most grievous of wounds and injuries. Believe this. If you do not believe this, dear souls, how on earth can you convey this gift of healing to others? You cannot. It would be impossible. So you must obtain this gift of faith before you can share it. To obtain it, you must spend time with Jesus. There is no other way. You cannot give what you do not have. Many have sought God's help through His servants and come away empty. What grief this causes to heaven. But no longer. We are working now toward full union of God's servants with Jesus. You must put your house in order again, beginning now. Then we can begin the walk into the world to rescue others. You have unlimited help with this task and I give you courage and joy. Be at peace dear ones. Mother will see to everything.

These messages were excerpted from Volume Three of the Direction for Our Times series given to "Anne," a Lay Apostle. For further information regarding the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King, or to purchase Direction for Our Times volumes, please contact Direction for Our Times on the Web at, or mail inquiries to the following address: 9000 West 81st St., Justice, IL 60458, U.S.A.