Friday, July 06, 2007


From Our Lady's Blue Book, Message #14 is titled 'Night Has Fallen Upon the World.'

This message was given in 1973 and showed how Our Lady was upset with the world then. It's 35 years later! Today the world is mad and getting even worse! Mother Mary was crying out against the horrible blasphemies that were being propagated about Her divine Son, Jesus. She said, Never before has Jesus been so accused of impurity, even during His trial by the Sanhedrin. Imagine that! Here we are, 2000 years later and people are actually denigrating the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, God Himself, Purity Itself! It has to be satanic because no one in their right mind would dare to attack God this way, only the evil one, who has already lost. How is it possible that humanity has reached this low point? What tremendous storms will break out upon us!

And the good souls are suffering because of this. We are outraged! The Pope suffers and prays for us! Our Lady says he is on a cross and it is killing him. He has spoken out and his voice falls on a desert. Even the Church does not listen to his cries . . .

This was Paul VI, who really suffered for the Church as it went through so many changes. I remember when he published Humanae Vitae (The transmission of human life) and was mocked by bishops and priests regarding the use of contraception. With my own ears I heard one say: "What does the Pope know about married life, he's just an old unmarried Italian! " Imagine that! From a priest!

Today the Church is again being attacked from all sides. Our Lady says we must be united with the Holy Father, be obedient to his wishes, defend him with our lives, propagate his word; be a strong barrier to check the advance of Satan!

Our duty is to judge and condemn the world, because more than ever this world is in the power of the Evil One. And finally, Mary says "I have need of you because the decisive times have now arrived". My friends, let us join Our Lady in Her fight to save this world from the clutches of the devil, who really would like to destroy this world and every one of us! This is the Final Battle before the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! The weapon we use is the Rosary! The armor is the Blessed Sacrament! Pax Christi!
Roman Deacon