Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm getting old. I can't even remember what to call these reflections. I'll try to do better as we go along. Let's look at Message # 22 in the MMP Blue Book. It's titled 'The Light of the Gospel.'

Have you consecrated yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? Our Lady says that when we do, strange things start happening to us. Such as, everything that we enjoyed before now wearies us and leaves an empty feeling inside us. I believe this is called a conversion experience. Sure, we gave up sin, or at least are trying not to sin, but what Mary is talking about is actually giving up worldly pleasures, things that we loved to do before, we just sort of drop them like hot potatoes!

And we say, "What is happening to me?" Well, it's Mother Mary, who says She takes the consecration we make seriously. We have now put our lives in her hands and She will re-mold us, transform us into a very faithful image of Jesus. Then we will be pleasing to the Father as He sees Jesus in us! And we will look at things with the eyes of Mary, who, of course was totally detached from the world.

Besides seeing in a new way, we will also feel and think in a new way, feelings with the Heart of Mary and thinking according to the Heart of Jesus! And so our capacity to love and suffer will be greater! Mother Mary wants us to be like little children, trusting and abandoning ourselves to Her maternal Heart. Then, She says, we will be lights in the great darkness which has spread over the whole world; we will proclaim the 'light of the Gospel' to all we meet as the world is purified and renewed for the great victory of Jesus and Mary!
Roman Deacon