Sunday, July 15, 2007


Message # 23 in the Blue MMP Book is titled: 'Always with the Pope.'

After reading this Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi, I was amazed how even though this was written in October 1973, it strikes us to the heart with regard the events surrounding our present Holy Father, Benedict XVI. This is what Our Lady said then, and see how it relates to today.

Mother Mary has a great love for the Pope. The Holy Father finds himself alone, like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, in agony and profound anguish! He has a heavy cross to bear because of all the suffering and the rebellion in the world.

This causes a deep wound in the Pope's heart, similar to the Heart of Jesus, which took on all the sins of the world.
But the deepest and greatest suffering of the Holy Father is the desertion and betrayal of his closest collaborators. Many disobey, thwart, oppose, criticize, judge and condemn him. And these are those who call themselves Christians and Catholics!

We all know what has happened in the last few days with the Pope's Motu proprio regarding the Traditional Mass of Pope John XXIII; and also the Document on the Nature of the Church, which has riled up many people who are not Catholics. The Pope is trying to restore unity within our beloved Church and he is attacked from within and without!

But Our Lady has a plan. She wants us to console and defend the Pope. How? First by being his friends; with much love and prayer. Staying close to Jesus and Mary at the Cross, where you will find the Pope too!

Second by comforting him by our total commitment to share in the same fate that awaits those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the Truth!

Third by defending in spiritual combat all those who challenge and calumniate the Holy father and his teachings! As we fight for the Church and remain faithful to the Gospel, Our Lady will gain Her great victory; the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart as prophesied at Fatima.
Roman Deacon