Friday, July 20, 2007


Message #28 is titled: 'The Spirit of Rebellion Against God.'

Our Lady in this Message explains what is going on in the world today. First of all, the Demon of Lust has contaminated everything! The world is sick and is stricken with troubles, anguish and tribulation! Why? Because mankind is withdrawing further away from God and breaking all His Commandments!

There is a great Spirit of Rebellion against God and atheism is reigning in many souls so that the light of faith and love has been completely blacked out! The Red Dragon has taken many victims into his camp, even in the Church. And as Scripture says, they are wolves in sheep's clothing, trying to ruin numerous souls.

But because of the suffering, love and prayer of the remnant, true believers and followers of Christ, the hand of God's justice will soon be roused against Satan and his followers. There will soon come indescribable tribulations, that will cause many to repent! Our Lady says: If men only knew what was coming . . .

And then Mother Mary complains that no one is listening to Her Messages, no one understands the tears that She has shed, except a few unknown souls, her consecrated children, who by their prayers and suffering have held back the chastisement again!

Once again Our Lady is calling Her priest-sons to forsake the world and its pleasures in these times of emergency and work to save souls from the Evil one. Be vigilant, She says, the time of My Triumph has arrived!
Roman Deacon